Honda Recalls Pickups And SUVs Because Of Faulty Hoods: As Many As 750,000 Cars Could Be Affected


Honda has recalled multiple models of their pickups and SUVs because of faulty hoods that are in danger of opening while on the move. Honda has said that the fault could be due to the opening between the grille and the hood on the affected models, which it says are too large.

The number of vehicles already under recall is around 724,826 in the US alone. The affected models include the Ridgeline, Passport, and the Pilot. Notice by NHTSA reveals that the Ridgeline was manufactured from 2017 to 2020, the Pilot was manufactured from 2016 to 2019 while the Honda Passport is a 2019 model.

Faulty Hood That Open At High-Speed Main Issue, Says Honda

The main issue affecting these cars was a defective hood. There have been instances when the hood has suddenly flown open at high speeds. Such an occurrence could result in fatalities.

The company has said that the opening between the bonnet grille and the hood is large. This is preventing a full connection between the rubber seal and the hood. This allowed an increase in airflow that led to vibrations between the surfaces.

Such a situation can lead to additional stress on the striker and also the hood. This can result in a failure in the latch that keeps the hood in place.

The company has said that the hood can fly open even at moderate speeds, causing total blockage of vision for the driver that could lead to fatalities.

The hood striker and the hood of the recalled Honda cars will be inspected for damage and either replaced or repaired. The hood might also be replaced in certain cases.

Around 725,000 cars were impacted in America alone, while globally the numbers are 788,931. Honda has yet to inform if cars outside the US will also be recalled.