Polestar is About To Start Running Production For Precept- The First Android Electric Car


Back in February, Polestar, an electric vehicle company from China brought out the concept for a gorgeous sedan which was named Precept. This sedan boasted a stunning design, coupled with an interior that had a chock-full of sustainable material. There were major doubts about whether the concept would actually be a reality. But today, Polestar announced that they were finally moving into production- removing all doubts about the existence of an Android Electric Car.

One of the most interesting facts about Polestar is how it grew out of its shell to become one of the giants in the EV sector. It was originally founded as a sub-brand for Volvo, but it soon shed its nest for profitable ventures. Currently, Polestar is under the ownership of Volvo and Geely. Incidentally, the two-parent companies recently sold out the Polestar 2 for the European market. 

While SUV was supposed to be the next in line for Polestar, they decided to bench that in favor of the Polestar 3. Most fans of this company have no issue with the Polestar 2 not being an SUV. In fact, although the Polestar 2 might simply be based on the platform of the Volvo XC40, it is more of a hatchback that disguises it as a Sedan. Yet, it is quite encouraging to note that the vehicle Volvo decided to expound on isn’t a pick-up truck- but the first electric-battery car. 

Polestar’s Drive to Create the Best EV in The Market

One of the best features of Polestar is its integrity and commitment towards sustainability as an Android Electric Car. When the concept was first brought into the market, Polestar had already spoken in great depth about the environmental bona fides that Precept would boast about. The seat backs, and the interior panels are all commissioned out of ‘flax-based composites’. And the seats themselves have been created out of 3D recycled PET bottles. 

In a statement, the CEO of Polestar mentioned that consumers didn’t want to put their beliefs in dreams anymore- they actually wanted to see things happen. And if Precept were brought into the mainstream market, it would reduce the effect cars have on the environment. Even though the main aim is still some decade ahead, Polestar will still aim towards climate neutrality. 

What Makes Polestar Precept the First Android Electric Car?

Android Automotive is a native infotainment system by Google that has been teased by Polestar regarding its presence in the Precept. To give an example, this infotainment system will recognize the driver as soon as they are beside the car, and then subtly ready every feature that facilitates them. Google Assistant would be provided in different languages, and would actually be capable of having conversations that would seem natural. 

Polestar has remained silent on a few other details regarding the Precept. No word has gotten out as to when the Android Electric Car would actually go into production, or what would its specifications be.