“Cherry” Starring Tom Holland Has Been Acquired By Apple TV+

Apple TV+

Apple has been pushing its boundaries lately as it experiments with the Apple TV+. It’s been a whole year since the tech giant launched its streaming service. Slowly, but steadily, Apple is set to maximize its streaming service’s capacity. 

After acquiring the rights for Tom Hanks movie Greyhound for $70 million, now, the Tom Holland movie Cherry is also under Apple TV+’s purview. 

Joe and Anthony Russo are directing Cherry. According to reports, the tech giant has gained exclusive rights to premiere the movie across the globe. 

Cherry is a drama adaptation of a novel written by Nico Walker. The novel is semi-autobiographical and the movie stars are Ciara Bravo and Tom Holland. 

What Is The Tom Holland Movie Cherry About? 

The movie revolves around a man and a woman from Cleveland. Tom Holland’s character enlists in the army after he is spurned by Ciara Bravo’s character. He gets sent off to Iraq as a medic in the Army. He sees carnage and violence that leaves him traumatized. After returning, he takes to pills and gradually takes up heroin. The two characters together go on to rob backs to sustain their high life. 

The movie rights to the novel had been sealed for $1 million. It’s already being speculated that Cherry will be amongst the hottest movies of 2020. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several movies had to be postponed. One of the biggest names to reschedule their release dates is Black Widow from the Marvel cinematic universe. 

We should also note that Apple TV+ already has Greyhound in the bag, which is another movie that critics say will be intimated for an Academy. With the Russo Brothers’ Cherry, it looks like Apple TV+ will have two great Academy nominated movies. Things sure do look good for Apple. 

Apple TV+  Committed To Cataloging Major Stars 

Industry sources inform that Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, the company’s video heads, plan on creating a catalog of major Hollywood stars. 

Apart from Greyhound and Cherry, Apple TV+ has also acquired Emancipation, a movie that stars Will Smith, and a Martin Scorsese directed movie Killers Of The Flower Moon. 

Some of the high-profile movies that Apple’s streaming site released since its inception in 2019 include Sofia Coppola’s One The Rocks with stars like Bill Murray and Rashida Jones, Jason Siegel, and Cherry Jones starer The Sky Is Everywhere, and Spike Jones directed movie Beastie Boys Story. 

The official premiere date has not been revealed by Apple yet. However, reports suggest that it will be somewhere early next year. 

The deal between the Russo brothers and Apple TV+ heads has been projected by Endeavor Content and CAA Media Finance for a total of $40 million.