How Advertising Research Helps Identify Business Growth Opportunities

business marketing Online Sportsbooks
business marketing Online Sportsbooks

Have you ever wondered why things move so fast in a digital business landscape? The internet-driven corporate climate is rapidly evolving, exposing millions of companies of all sizes to various challenges, such as digital transformation.

Markets change almost daily, and every business owner struggles to keep pace with the ever-fluctuating industries and business models. However, this global ebb and flow present companies with numerous growth opportunities.

The trick is to tap into the immense potential of technological innovation and reshape your organization to get ahead of competitors and fuel your development with data-driven insights.

However, identifying new growth opportunities requires time, effort, and resources, not to mention conducting thorough research on every demographic segment of your target audience.

Thankfully, new times bring new measures. Modern-day data-driven service providers offer powerful market research tools that allow users to browse global industry segments and markets and collect accurate and up-to-date data on potential investment opportunities. One way to collect the required data is to employ your asset managers to gather industry data relevant to potential investment opportunities.

Research companies by industry

Before making investment decisions, your analysts must thoroughly research the target industry to discover companies with the highest ROI potential.

Since they’ll use the research insights to provide investment recommendations, they need to gather as much data as possible on the advantages and disadvantages of companies in the target market.

One way to collect the required data is to employ your asset managers to gather industry data relevant to potential investment opportunities.

You can also tap into leading sell-side data analysts in your business niche to interpret the collected information and deliver actionable insights that can help you make an informed investment decision.

The reason for that is simple. Market research and data analysis tend to get complicated if companies you want to invest in operate globally and offer multiple services or products. Advanced advertising research and market analysis tools allow you to gather reliable, accurate, up-to-date granular insights and fuel your investment strategy.

Aside from collecting top-grade comparable data, research technologies allow you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of target companies, assess critical risks of their operating environments, and make more lucrative investment decisions.

Tap into the numbers

No matter what type of industry you target with your investment efforts, the financial numbers are what tips the scale to your advantage. If the company numbers don’t look favorable, you should look for a better opportunity elsewhere.

All investment styles depend on the numbers, as figures show the bigger picture and allow your asset managers to delve deep into the tiniest details of target startups. Data analysts also rely on numbers to develop the most accurate investment faculties by browsing financial and annual reports of target companies.

These reports allow them to assess companies’ current success and investment potential. Data analysts provide essential insights for building accurate financial models, identifying potential investment opportunities, evaluating associated risks, etc.

Ask all the right questions

Aside from financial reports, in-depth market research helps you identify the vital touchpoints for evaluating the company’s investment potential.

These touchpoints should include the following:

  • The company’s target markets;
  • The number of sales it accomplishes per each market segment;
  • The areas of business growth and expansion tactics;
  • The company’s competitors;
  • Its pricing strategies and dynamics;
  • Distribution methods;
  • Industry-relevant trends;
  • The company’s plans for the future.

All these essential details will provide credible market data you can verify and use on companies in multiple industries.

However, it’s vital to be mindful of the existing and future trends in the industry or market you research, as even the tiniest market fluctuation could positively or negatively impact the investment potential.

Mitigate risks

Although startup investments offer numerous benefits, they are also prone to multiple risks, including fluctuating liquidity and a lack of dividends. Startups are early-stage businesses that are yet to achieve their full potential.

Because of that, it isn’t easy to ascertain your return on investment. Most startups focus their resources on growth in the first five years. That’s why their stocks lack the liquidity that significantly impacts the ROI potential.

One way to solve this problem is to approach potential startup investments as part of a diversified portfolio. Instead of focusing your investment resources on a particular industry, you should diversify your portfolio by targeting different sectors, regions, and asset classes.

That will help you mitigate risks, reduce exposure to unforeseen circumstances, and reap the most revenue possible.

Startup investors must be patient as long-term contemplation might bring them ten to twenty times the initial investment. Although the risk remains viable, startup investors could receive additional benefits from tax breaks.


Startup investments may lead you to uncharted territories, but careful analysis and thorough research are valuable tools that can help you conquer any challenge.

They allow you to do due diligence before you make an investment decision to ascertain the potential, assess the risks, and determine the best course of action to protect your funds and reap high returns.

Therefore, take your time, conduct research, diversify your portfolio, and gather as much data as possible on target startups to ensure top ROI. While no one can guarantee 100% success, research tools can help you avoid making costly mistakes.