Kris Jenner Revealed Her Holiday Card With Her Boyfriend

Kris Jenner

With their 1st joint Christmas card, Corey Gamble as well as Kris Jenner are bringing holiday pleasure to everyone!

The card, featuring a picture of the pair smiling beside one another, was published today on Insta by The Kardashians star, Kris Jenner, 67. On a plain black backdrop, the message “Happy Christmas” is printed. It is signed, “xoxo, Corey and Kris.”

After working with Shutterfly on its “Win the Holidays” promotion, Kris Jenner collaborated with them to design the Christmas card.

The Kardashian-Jenner family toasted Gamble’s forty-second birthdays on Nov 10 before learning about the christmas card. The reality tv star posted a lovely message on Instagram expressing her affection for her lover.

Kris Jenner on the caption of the post wished happy birthday to her boyfriend saying how he is the most astonishing person she has ever met in life. She said how Corey is an amazing uncle, friend, step dad, therapist, friend, partner, stylish shopping teammate and more.

Kris Jenner And Corey Gamble Christmas Card Is Here:

A number of pictures of the couple were also included in the posting, including a lovely selfie in which Gamble kissed a beaming Kris on the forehead and an old snapshot of the pair during Kris Jenner’s “roaring twenties” 60th birthday celebration.

When they first met in 2014 at the birthday of the friend’s party, Gamble was managing Justin Bieber’s concert for Braun, and Kris was currently in the process of completing her separation from her ex-husband Caitlyn Jenner.

The pair has been together since since, despite having a twenty-five-year age difference. Corey regularly made appearances in Trying To keep up with both the Kardashians programs, as well as the real era show The Kardashians, which follows the family.