How One Gambling Brand Became a Global Empire

Gambling Brand
Gambling Brand

The need for ease has permeated almost everything we do in life. From kitchen appliances that make food prep quicker to shopping apps for clothes and cars, we have them all.  

So, it’s not a surprise that gambling has moved online with ease. Rather than get a train or taxi to a nearby casino, you can open your phone or laptop and play.  

A Thriving Industry 

Online gambling is big business; in 2020, the market was worth $59.6 billion US dollars. That is predicted to more than double in the next seven years.  

Players have plenty of choice too, with a variety of games to play, and approximately 2,800 online gambling sites worldwide. Some brands have really capitalized on the growth in this market over the past 20 years. 

Worldwide Figures 

Approximately 1.6 billion people worldwide use online gambling and that rises to 4.2 billion who gamble just once a year. In the UK, there are nearly 34 million active accounts with online casinos, which is over half the population. 

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Blackjack and roulette are popular among online gamblers, but online slots are by far the most played globally.  

A Global Gambling Giant 

One of the most well-known names in online gambling is 888 Holdings, They’ve been around for 24 years and has grown exponentially since, with its operational headquarters in Gibraltar.  

Being one of the first names in the online casino market, 888 Holdings had to learn fast and adjust quickly. This has been its strength from the outset, first competing with land-based casinos then developing customer-friendly gaming technology. 

How did 888 Holdings grow so much in two decades? 

1) By merging and buying other gambling sites, such as Globalcom bingo to expand their reach 

2) Developing thousands of games, including a huge number of slots, instant win and live dealer games 

3) Investing in pioneering technology that improves safety and the experience for customers 

4) Gaining licenses in many different countries such as Germany, Spain, U.K. and U.S. 

5) Providing extra information to players, such as game strategies and expert guidance 

6) Building relationships with sports stars, celebrities and social media influencers 

7) Establishing numerous licensing agreements with game software providers and gaining access to proprietary technology such as Random Logic 

A Huge Variety of Games 

Another way 888 Holdings has managed to stay in the fast lane is by offering exciting options on every game. This keeps things interesting and gives many ways to win. 

Some examples of this include: 

1) 450 different slots games 

2) Thirteen different types of poker, with Texas Hold ‘Em, Caribbean Poker and Jacks or Better 

3) Eight different roulette games 

4) Four varieties of Blackjack 

5) Two types of keno  

More recently, its live games have been a big draw, with players joining tables in Italy, Sweden and Spain. Blackjack has more than 60 live tables and has VIP options for the high rollers. 

Users rave about the live experience, as their proprietary technology really gives you the in-room feeling. Players can access more tables but enjoy it all from the comfort of their own living room or bedroom. 


Making the Platforms Customer-friendly 

888 Holdings have pursued a player-centric approach from the beginning, and users respond to it. This put them in the enviable position of reporting annual revenue of over USD $560 million dollars (2019). 

The brand isn’t afraid to invest that revenue either. This means that customers can enjoy: 

  • Near-zero latency 
  • Quick-click functionality 
  • Realistic settings 
  • AI recommendations on other games they may enjoy 

The overall experience is easy for the customer and provides hours of entertainment, wherever they are. 

Options for the customer are well-supported too, with players being offered: 

  • Free plays 
  • Up to 100% bonus on deposits 
  • Daily promotions 
  • Generous offers and rewards 
  • A VIP Club, to mirror that in land-based casinos 

Should it be required, customer support is willing and ready to help with anything you need to improve your experience. 

Going Mobile 

Of course, a massive change has occurred in the past few years, where people began playing more on their smartphones. They took the challenge head on and are streets ahead of competitors with game functionality. 

Investors Note Considerable Growth Potential 

If you’d rather invest, rather than try your luck on slots or tables, then 888 Holdings is a safe bet. Peel Hunt, the British investment banking specialist expects 888 Holdings stock to rise in 2021. 

The company is the only gambling operator on the list of 41 stocks. Other ones to watch included cycling and motoring retailor, Halfords and the Pets at Home group. had an impressive 2020, growing their revenue by 56% when many other companies were flailing. Poker was a definitive driver of this success, with many new players signing up in the first six months. 

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Playing Poker with 888 

When 888 Poker first launched in the US, it was a big hit with players. Due to regulations, it’s now more Europe-centric, but it’s still growing with new players signing up daily. 

Poker fans can expect around 2,000 cash game players and 8,000 tournament players online during peak hours. For those who are skilled at the game, this means a lot of fish. 

888 Poker also has the newest software in the industry and provides a realistic experience for players. You can qualify for live events, or simply play quick games on the train to work. 

Security is another boon with 888 Poker, letting pay via debit or credit cards, e-wallets, wire transfer, their PayPal poker is also a huge hit. They are known for being one of the most secure and transparent in the industry. 

Ongoing Success 

From being the first operator to open an online casino to the gambling giant that players love is impressive. show no signs of halting the juggernaut, in fact the opposite seems true. have proven that staying ahead is all about moving with the times. They have never faltered, even when regulations shut them out of certain countries. 

More than 25 million members have used the site, with many keeping their accounts for years. This is down to the fact that is trustworthy, fun to play on and up to date.