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How To Fix Your iPhone Bugs Without Any Added Expenditure

We can truly understand how big a pain it is if your iPhone doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. iPhone bugs are irritating, and when an app keeps crashing the n number of times you try to open it- no one can find fault in your scream of anger. And let’s be honest, iPhone bugs aren’t just restricted to crashing apps- your phone starts freezing every time you try to go back to the home screen. Or, when your iPhone crashes when you are about to send a very important text. This isn’t fine- but there are solutions to fix that. 

Correct glitches and iPhone bugs with this simple step

The simplest yet most effective way of dealing with iPhone bugs is to force restart it. If your iPhone gets disconnected from the Wi-fi for no reason, or if it is simply functioning too slow- just restart it yet again. True, it can seem too dull- but don’t we do that to our computer when it crashes? It is the same process here. 

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To restart an iPhone, you need to check which model you are using- for different models may have different ways of restarting. 

1. If you are in possession of an iPhone which also has a home button, simply press that button along with the lock button for 10 seconds, and your phone will restart. 

2. But if your iPhone works through Face ID, then you might have to go through the following procedure. First, click and release the volume up button. Then do the same with volume down. Now, press and hold the button on the side until you see the logo of Apple. 

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Regardless of the way you choose, it is imperative that you don’t let go until you see the logo of Apple. After that, unlock it and see if the iPhone bug is still there or not. 

Poor Battery Life as an iPhone bug

If you are dealing with poor battery, all you need to do is start checking the services or apps that use the battery the most. This can be done by simply going to your phone settings, and selecting Battery. Then, go down to the graph chart which will display the battery usage every single hour. 

Now, check rogue applications that might be running in the background. Remember, rogue applications might not stop if you simply close all applications. So there is yet another way to deal with this iPhone bug. All you need to do is stay on Settings, but head over to General and then select Background App Refresh. This will stop the app’s ability to keep updating itself. In fact, it will stop all apps in the background- whether they are siphoning off battery or not. 

Your iPhone might be crashing due to other features as well. An iPhone bug could develop due to you not updating your app- which is why it keeps crashing. Head over to the App Store and check. If nothing works, you could download the Apple Support App and start chatting with the representatives. They will take you through the process and diagnose your issues. 

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