Rumors Suggest Apple Is To Bring Out The All-New Foldable iPhone Flip

Foldable iPhone Flip

Rumors suggest that Apple has been designing a new foldable iPhone – namely the iPhone Flip but they have just stepped up their experimentation with the new design recently. Weibo, a Chinese social network has leaked new information confirming this.

According to Weibo, Apple has ordered numerous foldable screens from Samsung. These are supposedly samples for testing out for Apple’s foldable iPhone prototypes. Evidently, the tech-giant is not yet thinking about production when it comes to the new foldable iPhone, but it is surely shooting up its design and build according to recent leaks.

However, this is not to say we can expect any news on the new foldable iPhone in Apple’s event this week. Plus, there’s not surety that Apple will bring out a new foldable iPhone any time soon.

Apple’s Foldable iPhone To Follow In Samsung’s Footsteps?

This rumor is big news for those who have been waiting for the answer to this: will Apple follow in Samsung’s footsteps? As we know, Samsung is already early to the foldable phones market. It has launched the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the Galaxy Z Flip. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the one which opens to form a full-sized tablet. The Galaxy Z Flip, on the other hand is the phone version which can open up to become a full-sized smartphone.

If you’re looking for some Samsung rumors, it is rumored to bring out a Galaxy Z Fold S which is supposed to have a 360-degree hinge. So, is Apple following the Samsung path? Is it going to conquer the foldable phone market next?

A Foldable iPhone Or Two Display Panels?

Prolific leaker of Apple, Jon Prosser suggests that Apple might not go for a foldable iPhone design at all. The current prototype that Apple is working on is not a foldable iPhone but one with two display panels on a hinge, tweeted Prosser. He further mentioned that this version is to have stainless steel edges like that in iPhone 11, no notch and a tiny forehead to feature the Face ID. This prototype is supposed to be slicker.

However, optimists are holding on to the idea that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone design. There have been questions regarding why Apple would order foldable screens from Samsung if Jon Prosser’s prototype design is the one that Apple is working on.

Rumors have also gone so far as to justify Apple’s foldable screen orders. Apple might be working on several projects at a time or refining the design of the future foldable iPhone or even working on a whole new concept altogether. The best thing is that this brings into prospect the fact that there might be a foldable iPhone by the next few years.