How To Use Instagram Insights?

Instagram insights

If you’re an Instagram Business profile user and you use Instagram to market your product or brand, you need to ask yourself these questions. Are you keeping a track of things? Are you measuring your success properly? You also need to know what to look out for as you’re growing your Instagram audience. Instagram Insights provides you with such analytical information so that you can always be on the right track.

What Is Instagram Insights?

There’s no doubt that we love data. It goes hand-in-hand with marketing. So Instagram marketing is no different. If you want to expand your business, and grow on Instagram, you need to understand your audience. And for that, you need data. Instagram Insights provides you with insight into your audience’s preferences, tells you who they are and how they operate. It analyses your marketing methods and tells you if there’s something you need to change.

Convert Your Personal Instagram Account To A Business Account


To be able to access Instagram Insights, you need to have a business account. So if you don’t have one already, follow these simple steps to turn your account into a business account.

  •   You need a Facebook page to advertise your brand/service that you want to promote on Instagram. (Only if you don’t have one already).
  •   Make your Instagram account public. You won’t be able to use a private profile as a business account.
  •   Now, visit your profile and then go to settings.
  •   Next, select “Switch to Business Profile”.
  •   After this, you’ll have to select your Facebook page that you wish to add to your Instagram Business profile. Be sure to choose the right one.
  •   Review the Business profile page and make the necessary changes in personal information.
  •   Click on “Done” and you’ll be ready with your brand new business profile.

Once you’re done with this, check out how to go about Instagram Insights.

How To View Instagram Insights

There are a few simple steps that will give you an idea how to view Instagram Insights and use it to your advantage.

·   Click On The Insights Icon


You can get a deep level of insight from the analytics on Instagram. There are plenty of tools and apps out there to track your analytics on an even deeper level. But for a lot of us out there, who don’t have the budget to invest in those tools yet, using the analytics on Instagram is a great place to start.

So, to view your Instagram insights, first you go to your profile and click on the bar-chart icon on the top right. There you’ll come across general information about your audience and those who engage with your profile in several ways. You’ll also gain an insight into how many followers you have lost or gained in the past 7 days. Now let’s dive into the specifics.

·   View Your Impressions And Reach

The ‘Impressions’ feature shows the number of times your story or ad appears on your audience’s screen. If you keep a track of this, you can compare your track records and get an idea of how many more people you reach every time.

The ‘Reach’ feature tells you how many new users dropped into your profile and checked it out. With such information, you can improve your Instagram marketing strategy accordingly.

·   Determine Website Clicks

Most of the time, Instagram marketers leave their website links in their bio or posts. This particular Instagram Insights feature tells you the number of people who clicked on those links and visited your mentioned websites.

·   Track Profile Visits And Followers

As the name suggests, with the Profile Visits feature, you can see how many times users have checked out your profile. And the Followers feature tells you about your current follower-holdings and your follower-growth as compared to the previous week.

You can also get an idea as to when your target audience mostly uses Instagram. Such information is crucial for marketers. You can regularly keep a tab on your improvement. And you can also use it to plan your post-timings so that they have the maximum reach.

You can also view Insights of each post. For that, you need to click on the post and tap on the Instagram “View Insights” button right below the post.

·   Click View Insights Below A Post For Specifics

If you promote a post then you can view specifics for that particular post. An arrow icon appears on such posts. You can choose to view the Instagram insights of the original version of that post or look at specific data after its promotion.

·   View Post Likes, Saves And Comments

The number of likes on your posts is self-explanatory. They’ll provide you with a basic idea whether you’re on the right track. The number of comments is also an essential insight into your Instagram marketing. But with Instagram Insights you also get to see the number of people who saved your posts or book-marked the product to view later.

·   Learn About User-Actions On Your Post

instagram insights

This provides the details of the different actions that Instagram users took while viewing your profile/post. It ranges from viewing to clicking on the provided links and visiting your website and so on.

·   Use ‘Discover’ To Check Where Your Post Shows Up On Others’ Instagram Feeds


The ‘Discover’ feature on Instagram Insights tells you the exact figures, like where your post appeared on other people’s feeds. To put it simply, it quantifies where your post was discovered by the other users. It can be from their Home, Profile, and Explore feed and so on.

It also gives you a percentage telling you how many accounts who viewed your post weren’t following you at the time.

·   View Instagram Story Insights

To get your insights on the stories you post, go to your profile and click on the bar chart. Next go to the section on Stories and you’ll be able to check out the data based on your older stories and well as the current ones.

Instagram Insights comes very handy as it makes your work a lot easier. All the information you get in Insights is like a personalized comprehensive market-study ready at your hands. So check it out and use it to your advantage.