Hungry Teens’ Small Letter Is A Gesture To A Bigger Gift

Hungry Teens

In the US, people are aware of a basic truth regarding dining out. It is customary to leave a gratuity when dining out. Though tipping is not required, it is considered extremely impolite if you do not tip enough. After all, tips provide the majority of a server’s income. In an effort to receive a larger tip, many servers may even go above and beyond to be amiable. One day, a waiter at a fancy restaurant told a story about how he got a tip. Even though there were a lot of people there, just $3.28 remained when he returned to the table.

The Story Of The Hungry Teens

He’d provided them with excellent service, so he was a little puzzled as to why the hungry teens had left so little. Then he dismissed it, recalling that this was their first time dining out alone at a restaurant and that they were just 13 years old. He didn’t think much about it after that day until he received a letter in the mail one day. It was completely out of the blue and made him realize that you should never pass judgment on someone before learning all the facts.

The letter explains that he and his three friends, who were 13 years old, were at a diner on their own for the first time in their lives. It was their homecoming celebration. The child was all-praise for the exciting event, especially because of how helpful the waiter was. Furthermore, the kid also gave his thanks to the waiter for helping them split the bill. In the end, they even understood that they did not handle the bill properly and apologized for it. They may have been hungry teens, but their hearts were some of the purest around.