Parents Hide Beautiful Baby To Escape The Ire Of The Internet

Beautiful Baby

The day their child is born is one of the happiest days for any parent. This includes Celine Casey, who had Vienna Brookshaw in April 2021. She looked down at her daughter in the UK and saw a birthmark between her eyebrows on her forehead. Fortunately, the birthmark did not harm the girl. She had congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN), which could cause emotional disorders as she grew older. It presumably grew as she did.

The Beautiful Baby Was Born With A Unique Birthmark 

Since the condition is rare, it’s hard to predict how her birthmark might change with age. The mother wanted the daughter to grow up with it, so she asked the physicians if there was a solution.

Casey stated, “We enjoy watching her grow on her journey and look forward to the day she can express her own thoughts. Love her whatever, even if we keep the birthmark.” Since she was a beautiful baby, they knew people wouldn’t comprehend her birthmark. They would gaze at her and treat her differently, so they decided to remove the birthmark if feasible.

The NHS denied the surgery because it was not necessary for the health of the beautiful baby. They called it cosmetic surgery and not necessary. Fundraising began for the surgery. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 epidemic halted progress. They needed $27,000 more after raising $52,000.

Again, they turned to crowdfunding for funds for the beautiful baby. She said: “Everyone has body ambiguities. It wouldn’t damage Vienna’s mental health now, said the doctor. That wasn’t our view. She’s starting school at three, and smart kids notice stuff like that.”

At two years old, Vienna had her birthmark removed. Her forehead scar is mending, and people keep complimenting her. The best news is that she is a happy, healthy 2-year-old and may not need any more medical attention for this issue.