Immortal Cat Striving To Be The Next Big Blue-Chip Project

Immortal Cat

GeekCartel Venture Capital and Tenset are backing a unique nonfungible token and token initiative called Immortal Cat. Anubis, an Egyptian deity of the afterlife, served as inspiration for this endeavor.

On Thurs, June 30th, the general public will be able to participate in a pre-sale for Immortal Cat.

The visual impact of these 2,266 NFTs is based on the traits of 300 historic figures.

The five types of ICs are the smith, the wise, the magical, the artistic, and the origin of NFTs.

Immortal Cat And NFTs

Bit by bit, Immortal Cat is creating its “society,” as planned.

The ecosystem that Immortal Cat is developing will ensure that IC NFTs always have value. Tokenized services such as these are what keep the Immortal Cat Token (ICC) afloat as a utility currency with burn and repurchase features:

Ethereum network messaging cards allow users to purchase ICC to create NFTs with personalized messages. Sending NFTs with IC watermarks allows users to increase their exposure and may be done with any Ethereum wallet handle. In the future, they may provide a creator-fee-free escrow market for exchanging NFTs. A messaging card’s ICC is burnt after being produced.

There is a backdoor market where players may trade ICC for a position on the whitelist. -Immortal Cat. Whitelist-spot administrator compensation is funded by token allocations. Giving whitelist places to token owners and buying lottery tickets for high-value NFTs both eat into the ICC pool. Half of the money made from selling raffle tickets is used to fuel the flames, while the other half is invested in the lottery market to acquire additional blue-chip NFTs.

-IC is releasing a site where users can play a coin-flipping game using only Ether (ETH) and not Immortal Cat NFTs. To win double or nothing, you must correctly predict whether a coin will land on its head or tail. The winning ETH amount is doubled, however, there is a 4% ETH tax when repurchasing ICC on the marketplace.

The next round of ICC-funded NFTs has developers publishing their blueprints. Token holders have a say in which projects are made, and both they and the leadership team get a cut of the profits from the following NFT venture.