In This Quarter NASDAQ:NVAX Expects 2.36 US Dollars Per Share


Zacks Investment Research has estimated that Novavax or NASDAQ:NVAX company has been earning 2.36 US dollars per share for this ongoing quarter. There were three analysts who estimated NASDAQ:NVAX earnings of 8.22 US dollars sold each share. The lowest estimate came around the value of 0.73 US dollars per share. 

In the same quarter of 2019, it was seen that each share was sold at 1.03 US dollars. The firm, however, was supposed to issue its next quarterly results of their earnings after November 9th, when the market closes down. On the 10th of November, when the NASDAQ:NVAX share prices were released, information on its quarterly earnings was made known. The company majoring in pharmaceutical sales reported that their cost per share was not more than 0.30 US dollars. 

Zacks consensus has envisioned the cost per share to remain 0.60 US dollars. The cost was beaten up by 0.30 US dollars. In the quarter the firm revenue was estimated up to 35.50 million dollars as compared to Zacks consensus that estimated the revenue to be up by 944.1 percent. 

News on NASDAQ:NVAX stock updates

Due to the losses covered by the NASDAQ:NVAX shares, Zacks Investments Research downgraded the Novavax stocks from “buy” to “hold”. Then the company was put to a price target of 145.00 US dollars. After this, B. Riley riled up the NASDAQ:NVAX stocks from 223 US dollars to 257 US dollars. Furthermore, HC Wainwright boosted the stocks of the company from 101 US dollars to 103 US dollars. Soon the company got a “buy” rating following the boost in its price. 

NASDAQ:NVAX was also following the success ratings and was further rated from “neutral” to “sell” where the price objective for the company was set at 105 US dollars. Finally, the Novavax company was set to be given an “overweight” rating from a “neutral” rating by JP Morgan Chase and co. Novavax now after this has a market price of 89.86 US dollars per share. The market cap of NASDAQ:NVAX is about 5.35 million US dollars. The P/E ratio is up at 32.68 and the beta ratio is down by 1.63. At 52 weeks the highs of the company and the lows of the company are 189.40 US dollars and 3.92 US dollars respectively. The current debt-to-equity ratio is about 1.74. 

About Novavax

Novavax is a biotechnology company that has been focusing on the discovery, study of technology, commercialization of vaccines. As of now, they are trying to find the vaccine for the novel coronavirus. ResVax is one of the lead candidates of the company along with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and Fusion protein nanoparticle. NASDAQ:NVAX has therefore been playing a huge role in the treatment of flu and influenza since the last few decades. However, with the oncoming coronavirus, its stocks have not been materializing and investors are worried about it.