Are seo quake toolbar Powerful SEO Chrome extensions

SEO Chrome extensions
SEO Chrome extensions

When we use the internet, we are always expected to simultaneously perform several tasks. These tasks may involve the organization of our content bucks- or to ensure that the usability of a website is directly proportional to the capacity of quality link building companies. And while there is a lot that goes into work here, there is a silver lining to this content marketing.

There are some very powerful SEO Chrome extensions out there that help ease up on this entire task through their building service which facilitates content marketing. As per recent reports, Google Chrome has actually managed to encompass quite a large sector of the share market through its building service. Stats Counter dictates that Google Chrome currently owns more than 66% of the entire share market utilizing the building service to enable content marketing. 

Since most of us use Google Chrome daily for various functions, there is a need to explore all the powerful SEO Chrome extensions that it provides for the building service they are known for. For, not only will it help us in our daily job, but it would also enable us to do several tasks at the same time by building links. It takes just one single click from the mouse button, to install a plugin for SEO, which in return opens several doors to higher levels of productivity through Content marketing and building service.

Some of the best SEO Chrome extensions out there are actually extremely valuable for their functions add value to your operations, whilst saving hours of tasks that you would have had to perform over the week. In the end, the goal is all about improving the ranks of your website, which also includes the Quantcast Rank- specializing in the measurement of the audiences which should be pretty simple through building service.  

The entire post will focus on the best SEO Chrome extensions that are extremely useful for market strategists. Let’s take a look at them. 

1. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote has several SEO extensions for Chrome which have good note-taking functions. As reported by Search Engine Land, this is a media tool that is strict ‘business-to-individual’. But in the event that you are looking for some feature that will allow you to save articles for later, the web clipper comes in handy too. When you are on the internet, you would be able to pick up search results that are specific and then utilize the clipper to save them in three separate ways- be it in its entire form, or in a much more simplified version- or even just a few parts of the article. 

This feature is pretty amazing because there is a huge possibility that the Quantcast Rank of a site may change, which may render searching for content pretty difficult. Since the web pages get added to your account on Evernote, you don’t really need to go back to the search engine that you searched from originally. 

You also have the option of organizing them even further into different notebooks, and even assign different tags. If you want, this SEO Chrome extension would also allow you to highlight selective information. With that being said, let’s not forget that Evernote in itself is quite a popular SEO extension for Chrome. 

2. Pocket

This is another SEO extension for Chrome that is going to help you in saving videos and articles that you would be able to peruse later. When you install it, you will see a tiny pocket icon on the top right corner of your Chrome toolbar. Similar to the web clipper, this extension, too, has the functionality to add tags that would help us explore and find stories that were once snipped out of the search engine land. And incidentally, the best part would be that your videos and articles are all going to be present on every device that you have connected to your extension. So, if you want to check up on an article after a few hours on your cell phone, you would still be able to find it. 

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When you have opened up a story to read it, you will simply see a basic version of the article in its stripped-down version. This change makes it easier to read, as it is devoid of clutter and quite pleasant to look at. Recently, this service also installed a recommended feature that is going to display articles to you that are related to your saved articles and reading habits. 

3. Google’s PageSpeed Insights Extension

Even if there is a delay of one second in the loading time of your website, your conversions decrease by 7%. Not just that, your page views lessen by 16% as well as customer satisfaction by 23%. This SEO Chrome extension was added by Google as one of the main 200 signals that help rank the search engines all the way back in 2010.

And let us just make this very clear- if you have to profit from your business, you need to definitely monitor the response time of your server. In fact, it gets even more important if you are getting the major chunk of mobile organic traffic. Since a cell phone is a far more distracting medium, around 40% of mobile users will definitely stop using a page if it takes more than a couple of seconds to load. 

SEO Chrome extensions
SEO Chrome extensions

4. moz toolbar chrome

moz toolbar chrome is one of the most popular, yet the oldest marketing software programs on the web. This SEO Chrome extension definitely hits the right nodes since it streamlines the efforts of the SEO service that you have undertaken while going through the different web pages. And it just takes a single click of the mouse button for one to get logged into the various metrics that a web page contains- like the Domain Authority, Page Authority, Link Profile, Keyword Highlights, etc. And all this is simply a facet of it being an SEO expert. 

This SEO Chrome extension has been known to work in two different ways- as a toolbar when you are checking a website, and as an overlay in SERP. Both have their own utility when it comes to easing up the work of the user when on the internet, and more than this found in moz toolbar chrome. 

5. Page Analytics by Google

Page Analytics is a very important SEO Chrome extension that delves into how the websites are interacting with the consumers. And this is useful if you want to understand the behavior of the users whilst on your website. This tool will provide you with some very important data where you will find the number of active visitors in real-time, along with where your users usually click. If there are clickable areas on your web page, you will also find certain bubbles that would display the visitors’ percentage in that particular area. These bubbles come in different colors, which are solely based on the click percentage that the area receives. 

6. seo quake extension

seo quake extension has been considered to be a major competitor of moz toolbar chrome- something that shows the really important metrics which can be found in SERPs. But this seo quake extension doesn’t show its own metrics- but rather the standard Page Rank, the Alexa Rank, and a few other really crucial SEO parameters.

There are features in this seo quake toolbar that would allow you to export the data from SERP from an SEO Quale to a CSV file. And you can also use this extension in order to perform a much deeper analysis of any web page that you have visited. There will be information on the links, keyword density, SEO meta info, and social shares ready for you, and more than this in seo quake toolbar. 

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7. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

This is an SEO Chrome extension which is extremely powerful and popular. This tool is used in creating quicker ways through which one would be able to see several important information on high-quality backlinks that is present on your web page. Interestingly, it doesn’t revert to third parties for data but uses its own metrics- citation flow, and trust flow. And the trust metric is quite a wonder in its own right.

This SEO Chrome extension has three very important tabs of metric which feature in the SEO campaign – Backlinks, Anchor text, Summary, and Backlink profile. But if you have a free account, you will only be allowed to utilize the summary tab. And this summary tab has the power to give you the complete strength picture of your web page. There are several metrics which the summary tab shows- trust flow, citation flow, external backlinks, quality backlink history chart, referring domains, link profile, and referring domains chart. 

8. Ninja Outreach Lite

Ninja Outreach Lite is a very powerful SEO Chrome extension that has a database that consists of around 4 million influencers. This SEO Chrome extension is basically a freemium version of the same tool that is going to help you mine priceless data through blogger outreach. And once you have installed the extension, you would be able to use the ninja icon Chrome shortcut which would help you find several influencers using blogger outreach.

The tool provides information like full name, social media follower counts, location, email address, backlinks, Alexa rank, page authority, and much more- which helps in blogger outreach. This SEO Chrome extension also provides several SEO link building facilities to important key pages- about, contact, resources, guest post pages. This tool has been quite fruitful in its monetization method of websites using blogger outreach. The RSS Feed tab present also highlights the latest guest posts that have come directly from the feed, which contain the name of the author, the publishing date, and the number of comments on every single guest post that is prevalent through blogger outreach. 

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9. Link Miner

There is no doubt that the Broken Link Building SEO Chrome extension is one of the most effective techniques of elevating the authority of the website through its link building tactic. But since it is quite a difficult task- the entire link building activity- as you would have to first search for web links that have been broken on a particular website- and then send quite a few emails to the owners of those websites.

In its stead, you could simply use Link miner. This SEO Chrome extension is quite a handy tool that is simple enough that it conducts the analysis of a page while simultaneously executing BLB. With a mouse click, the extension would crawl over to a web page, and start finding the broken links on that page. The extension also helps pull extra statistics about the given broken link acquisition- where you will find several nifty details like the number of referred domains, the social media shares, total links, and the top 5 natural links on your web page.

And if you want to save and export all this information onto a CSV file, then this SEO Chrome extension comes in handy too. Also, this tool is extremely beneficial during a Google search, for it will help you determine the number of outbound and inbound internal links that are there for every single result. 

10. Google Analytics URL Builder

Google Analytics is an important SEO Chrome extension that helps in tracking the traffic of your website. This URL Builder extension has turned out to be quite an important add-on that helps in tagging the URLs that you would want to add to your GA campaigns. It is also very simple to use- for all you need to do is just click on the icon of the shopping cart that is present on the screen. This is going to automatically screenshot the current URL that is present on the page. After that, you would need to fill up a form, which would have fields like medium, source, and campaign, etc. After you are done filling up the form, it is going to auto-generate the final URL- thereby offering you an option to generate a much smaller link. 

This SEO Chrome extension is going to help you share this newly created tagged link from your accounts on social media while tracking them independently using GA.

Here are the best SEO Chrome extensions which are going to elevate your web page to the top of the search engine rankings- whilst increasing and regulating the traffic it receives from users all over the world.