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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Increase In Stimulus Check Demands As Another Demand Is Placed 

One of the groups in the United States of America is asking the US Congress to provide a total of 1,400 USD stimulus check payments just to the recipients of Social Security throughout the country. The name of the concerned group placing the demand is the “Senior Citizens League.” The members of the group were recently informed about the current plan through emails. The concerned group is a non-partisan one. It is demanding the US Congress to provide more rounds of financial aid payments amounting to a total of 1,400 USD. Accordingly, the stimulus check will only be provided to the older generation of the country. 

Stimulus Check Calls 

It stated the main reason behind the plan to demand the stimulus check federal aid payments were to meet the expenses related to Medicare and miscellaneous. In the conversation that took place between the members of the said group, they asked them about their financial condition and how they got affected by inflation in the year 2021. It was written in the letter that so many people had lessened their expenses in the wake of the inflation.

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They were either cutting off their medical expenses or reducing the number of meals that they were having. And this takes place in the midst of the increasing cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus in the country. The online petition that was started in order to streamline the ongoing demand for the recurring stimulus checks from the federal government has almost reached a total of 2,875,490 million approvals which was the dedicated goal. The online petition was started by Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner from Denver, with the help of her husband. The petition is to provide a total of 2000 USD until the ongoing coronavirus virus gets over. 

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