Influencer Satisfied Settlement Demand Through NFT After The $7 Million Token Pre-Sale


A settlement demand has been sent on an NFT influencer, charging that the person committed wire deceit at least on a $7M presale of tokens. The settlement demand casually uttered the “F-word” many times.

In a tweet posted on 20th May, Mike Kanovitz, an employee at the law firm named Loevy & Loevy claimed that a demand letter for settlement was delivered in the form of an NFT to the digital wallet address linked to the online personality unanimously referred to as “Ben. ETH”(real name is still unknown).

Ben. eth allegedly “had been using a manipulative sort of launch system” for this PSYOP coin, which successfully raised $7M in its starting presale over 78 hours, according to his allegations. The issues centered on the design of the LPs and the way tokens “slipped out” following the presale.

Ben. eth Satisfies Law Firm Demands Through NFT

Ben. eth stated quickly post the letter went live on Twitter that about half of the coins had already been distributed and that the remaining would be given out in small order. The letter stated that at least they would be charged with wire deceit which generally is a significant action under the reason for acute crisis award opposing them ($7M becomes more than $21M) as well as in racketeering. A refund, according to Kanovitz was the right thing that needed to be done. However, a legal notice had been sent to him in case refunds were not given to him. He further said that the NFT matter would be closed if they give back the Ethereum tokens, adding that if this happens, the victims can peacefully continue with everything, or else his firm will do everything to ensure justice. A few hours after receiving the letter, on May 20, Ben. eth tweeted in response that it was “very unprofessional which can even get the firm into problems with the bar association.”