States Continue To Provide Stimulus Checks Payments Of Above $1,500

Stimulus Checks

The federal purse strings were tightened after the third circle of stimulus checks payments, which were worth up to $1,400 for each qualified American during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, other programs that assisted families in coping were permitted to expire.

As a result, states and localities stepped up to provide their relief to citizens utilizing pandemic relief money and record-high tax revenues. As inflation declines, most have shut down, but some continue to distribute payments to support families who are still struggling. 

Following States Providing Stimulus Checks In May


Through the Permanent Fund Dividend program, the government there has been giving locals a share of tax revenue from oil extraction for the past 41 years. Each accepted applicant will receive $3,284 this year in stimulus checks. Alaskans had until March 31 to submit their applications and to qualify, applicants had to be Alaskan citizens and not be detained for the whole year (2022).


Residents of Maine will get $450 handouts to assist with winter heating expenses. The recipients of the payments will total about 880,000 people. The state started disbursing aid around January and anticipates that all cheques will be cashed by March 31.


A stimulus check of roughly 14% of the amount of state taxes owed is available to taxpayers. Stimulus checks were given in December to taxpayers who submitted their 2021 returns before October 17 of the previous year. However, those who submitted before September 15, 2023, will get their money a month after they do. 

New Jersey

Renters here who filed their tax returns on time will receive stimulus checks of $450, and homeowners will receive a refund of between $1,000 and $1,500. The state responds to your inquiries and gives more details about the tax refund. The ANCHOR program of 2019  had a 28th February 2023 filing date. 

New Mexico

Refunds of above $500 for individual filers and above $1K for collective filers are still available to in-state residents. To complete their income revenue stimulus checks for 2021 as well as be eligible for a refund, residents have until May 31, 2023.