IRS Urges US Citizens To Use The Non-Filers Tool To Claim Their $1200 Stimulus Check By October 15

stimulus check

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) urges American public to sign up by the 15th of October to claim the $1200 stimulus check for eligible people.

On the 17th of September, last week, the IRS issued a press release urging nearly 9 million people to sign up so that they can receive the $1200 stimulus check. They released a state-by-state breakdown showing that nearly 9 million people have received a special mailing this month encouraging them to sign up and see if they are eligible for this economic impact payment. The IRS claims that many people are ignorant of this stimulus check or they simply do not know how to go about it.

Who Can Register For The Non-Filers Tool?

This message is typically for those people who are not required to file their federal income tax returns but still might qualify for an economic impact payment of $1200. The mailed letter requests its recipients to visit the Non-Filers page and use that payment tool on the website before the 15th of October to register for the stimulus check.

The IRS is clear in its message. It clarifies that you don’t need to earn a specified income to be eligible for this stimulus check. You can be homeless or unemployed or you might not have filed your income tax for years and still be eligible for the $1200 stimulus check. The IRS repeatedly mentions that to claim your economic benefit, you have to register on the Non-Filers section by the specified deadline to claim your benefit.

According to the IRS, permanent residents, U.S. citizens and qualifying resident aliens are eligible for this stimulus check. All that you need are the following:

·      A valid social security number

·      You will not be eligible if you’re claimed as a dependent of another taxpayer.

·      Single gross income- $75,000 or less; Household head- $112,500 or less; joint filing of married couple- $150,000 or less.

·      You can get reduced payments if you earn more than the above-stated amounts. But your income is still less than $99,000 per annum- individuals, $136,500 per annum- head of a household, or $198,000 per annum- jointly filed married couple.

IRS have come up with this new Non-Filers tool in partnership with another agency called the Free File Alliance. This is greatly beneficial for those whose income doesn’t require them to file taxes to claim the $1200 stimulus check for economic relief.

When Not To Use The Non-Filers Tool?

You can use the Non-Filers tool if you’re homeless, a long-time unemployed individual, didn’t earn any income at all, and so on.

Remember not to utilize the Non-Filers tool to claim your stimulus check if these apply to you:

·      Filed your income tax return and haven’t received the stimulus check. In that case go to ‘Get My Payment’ portal to check your stimulus check status.

·      If you need to file your 2018-19 income tax and haven’t done so. In that case, file your income tax and wait for the IRS to send your stimulus check.

This step is a part of IRS’s sweeping outreach and public awareness campaign and is working extensively to spread awareness regarding stimulus checks and other economic relief packages.