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Are The $1,400 Stimulus Checks Reaching The Social Security Recipients?

Individuals receiving SSI and SSDI benefits started receiving their stimulus checks only last month. It was followed by payment to pensioners under the Veteran affairs administration. People in this category should have received their payments by now.

And if they haven’t, they can track their payment, whether it is a paper check or a prepaid debit card through the US postal service, or a Direct Express card, or as a direct transfer into your accounts.  

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Individuals who get their benefits from the Veteran Affairs department started receiving their stimulus checks only from April 2021. Retired rail workers also should have received their checks by now.

And if any one of you under the above categories is yet to receive their payment, you need to file for a trace.

The Benefits Of Tax Returns

Though social security beneficiaries and veterans normally do not have to file tax returns, it would be prudent to file the 2020 tax returns to get the full benefits of the Economic Impact Payments.

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For instance, you could claim your first and second stimulus check by filing your tax returns for 2020. You can also claim the payments under the Child Tax Credit if you have children in your household.

Other instances could save you up to even $50,000 in total this year.

Update Your Stimulus Check Status If You Collect Benefits Under The Social Security Administration

There are some facts that you ought to know if you are a veteran or receive SSDI or SSI benefits. Tens of millions of individuals under this category have by now received their stimulus check that was paid out starting the first week of April 2020.

People who had their bank details updated with the IRS, or receive through the Direct Express system should have got their stimulus payments within a week of the payment going out. Those receiving through the US postal service will get it later, but it’s high time they got theirs now.

People who have availed of a Non-Filers app should have received their stimulus check unless they had an alteration in their personal conditions.

You can claim missing stimulus checks from the first and second rounds by filing your tax returns for 2020. You can update the list of dependents eligible as they each contribute up to $1,400 to the stimulus check amount.

If you miss out on any payment you have until December 2021 to claim the amount. You can also get in your 2021 tax returns filed in 2022.

When Can Social Security Recipients And Veterans Expect Their Stimulus Payment?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

You might have already got a stimulus check if you are a tax filer or made use of the 2020 Non-Filer tool. The same goes for those who receive their payments through Direct Express cards. For non-filers staying outside the US, payments were sent out starting the third week of April.

Filing the latest tax returns for 2020 will help the IRS send the full amount for which you are eligible. If you have filed your returns after the check was sent out by the IRS, you will get the balance amount as a plus-up payment.

Steps You Should Take To Recover Your Stimulus Check

If you have not received your payment or have received less than the eligible amount, the veteran affairs and the social service department will refer you to the IRS.

But directly contacting the IRS operators will not help as they only have information that you can get from the Get My Payment tracking tool.

Keep the letter mailed a couple of weeks after the IRS has dispatched your check. It is a vital document that contains valuable information that will help you if your check goes missing or if you receive less than the amount you calculated.

If you do not receive your stimulus check within a stipulated time after it was dispatched by the authorities, you might need to file a payment trace.

Signing Up For A Direct Express Card

You can always apply for a Direct Express card. If you are applying for the first time, you will get your current stimulus check only through the US postal service.

Your stimulus payment might be returned to the IRS if you have recently shut down your Direct Express account. Your money might even go to an inoperative account and be returned.

The Direct express authorities can be reached between 6 am and 4 pm PT (9 am TO 7 pm ET) at 1-800-333-1795, between Monday and Friday. But you will not get any details about the check from the Direct Express authorities.

Am I Entitled To The Maximum $1,400 Stimulus Check?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Social security beneficiaries and veterans can get $1,400 maximum. Social security beneficiaries received their payments if they possess a social security number. They also should be claimed as dependent by someone else.

You receive the full amount only if your income is below $75,000 for individuals, $112,500 for the head of families, and $150,000 for married couples who file jointly.

The amount phases out with an increase in income and individuals who receive $80,000 and above will not receive any amount as part of the stimulus payments. The upper limits for heads of household are $120,000 and for married couples, $160,000.

The third stimulus payment will also go out through the EIP card. Around 5 million recipients will get their card but not to the Social Security beneficiaries.

Getting The Full Amount Of The Stimulus Check

Many more individuals have been included in the list of people eligible for the $1,400 stimulus check. If you feel that other members of the family are also eligible for the payment, you should file tax returns for 2020 to update the information available with the IRS.

Older relatives and children of all age groups are eligible. You can also update the information of a baby born in 2020. Families caring for older adults or children can also get generous tax breaks.

How Can I Collect My Stimulus Check If It Is Managed By A Representative Payee

If someone else manages your social security benefits, you can discuss the benefits with him. The stimulus payment will be credited in the same Direct Express or other accounts. The payee can also receive the payment through a paper check or a prepaid debit card.

Living Outside The US

Social security beneficiaries living outside the US will receive their payments directly through the same instruments. Such payments were sent out starting the third week of April 2021.

If you are yet to get any part of the full amount of the first and second check, check if the payments were garnished by private debt collectors.

Claiming Missing Amount

Any missing payment from the first and second stimulus payments can still be claimed through the 2020 tax returns. You will have to file for a Recover Rebate Credit, and you will receive the payment as a refund. You can get the status of your dependent account for the first two payments by checking your IRS account.

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