Jack Dorsey Has Tipped Robert Kennedy To Win Presidency

jack dorsey
jack dorsey

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, has reportedly thrown his support behind pro-crypto Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The CEO of Block Inc wrote that Kennedy Jr. could win the Presidency and he probably would, as he explained how he planned on beating the popular Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

When one user asked if he was just predicting or endorsing Kennedy, Dorsey replied that he was doing both. Robert Kennedy, for those who are unaware, is the nephew of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, and he is the latest member of the political dynasty that has put its name up for a presidential bid. 

Jack Dorsey Believes Robert Kennedy Is The Ideal Presidential Candidate

Jack Dorsey’s candidate, Robert Kennedy Jr., is an environmental lawyer and quite an outspoken critic of vaccines. He first announced his campaign on the 19th of April. Interestingly, Kennedy is a major supporter of cryptocurrencies. During a 19th May Keynote Speech at the Bitcoin Miami Conference, he informed the attendees that he would be accepting donations for his presidential campaign in Bitcoin. He has also gone ahead and spoken about the flagship cryptocurrency BTC as an innovation engine and criticized the central bank’s digital currencies as tools that could vastly magnify the power of the government to suffocate dissent by cutting access to funds with a single keystroke. 

According to a poll from Fox News on the 27th of May, Robert Kennedy has support from 16% of the primary voters of the Democratic party, which, as noted by Fox, is quite a sizable chunk for a primary challenger against an incumbent president.