Atomic Wallet Has Claimed That The Hack Has Affected 1% Of Users

Atomic Wallet

The hack that drained around $35 million from the users of Atomic Wallet since 2nd June impacted under 1% of the monthly active users, according to this company. In the aftermath of this exploit, the company, along with the individual investigators have managed to amp up the efforts to revert and track the stolen funds. A few verified scam Twitter accounts, that were trying to cash in on the debacle going on, impersonated the company whilst they kept sharing phishing links that claimed to help users recover their lost funds. 

Atomic Wallet Has Been Trying To Downplay The Hack

ZachBXT, a pseudonymous on-chain researcher, further claimed to have helped one of the victims recover their sum of $1 million. However, the entire process of recovery hasn’t been disclosed yet, which the on-chain researcher has mentioned would be shared when the time was right. Despite the announcement made by Atomic Wallet, numerous users have continued to report the loss of funds. Additionally, the community also called out the attempts made by the company to water down the damage. One user commented that the percentage that was taken didn’t matter, as the hacker had intended on focusing on the big fund wallets. 

The exploit of Atomic Wallet is a glowing reminder of the importance of researching the exact service provider when it comes to the safekeeping of crypto assets. Also, it questions not your keys, not your coins- a narrative that has been propagated by multiple crypto wallet providers such as Atomic Wallet. The investigation conducted by ZachXBT also found that the largest amount that was lost by an individual in the hack was around $7.95 million in Tether on the Tron blockchain.