Evan Handler Is Disappointed that He Couldn’t Interact With Kim Cattrall

Evan Handler

Evan Handler, the star of “And Just Like That,” calls Kim Cattrall’s appearance as Samantha Jones in the “Sex and the City” spin-off “great.”

Harry Goldenblatt, the 62-year-old actor who plays Charlotte’s (Kristin Davis) husband on the show, claims he only learned last week that Kim was returning for season two.

According to Evan Handler, it’s fantastic. I do.” Evan Handler then made the joke, “Apparently, [her cameo] was shot in a garage somewhere with absolutely no interaction with anybody, so the sole location where I have to say hello to her is in my living space when it broadcasts on television.” Evan’s remarks follow Kim’s admission that she had “moved on” from “Sex and the City” and will not seem “unhappy” while filming.

But she added that she bases her selections on what she finds to be “artistically fulfilling” and enjoyable.

Evan Handler Hoped To Meet Kim Cattrall

Before her cameo was revealed, Kim Cattrall indicated in an interview with Sunday Times Style magazine that she had “moved on.” The magazine highlighted that they had been ordered not to ask her about the episode. In my opinion, no matter the circumstance, the best position to bargain from is one of strength and self-awareness. I want it to exist on terms that are satisfying to me personally and to my artistic vision.

Kim Cattrall’s involvement in “And Just Like That” was first reported by Variety a few days ago; she later confirmed the information on Instagram.

And the actress reportedly didn’t interact with any of the other cast members or writer Michael Patrick King while she was filming her lines in New York City on March 22. After exchanging texts and making plans to meet up in season one, Samantha, who has relocated to London, will speak with Sarah Jessica’s Carrie Bradshaw over the phone in Kim’s appearance.

Patricia Field, a renowned ‘SATC’ costume designer, outfitted Kim for her part despite not working on ‘And Just Like That’.