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Jake Paul Claims Assault Allegations Are Completely False

Justine Paradise of TikTok fame had earlier alleged that Jake Paul, now 24, had assaulted her sexually. The incident allegedly took place at the YouTuber’s California Home back in July of 2019.

Jake Paul’s Statement On The Matter

Daniel E. Gardenswartz, the attorney for YouTuber Jake Paul, released an official statement on the matter on Tuesday to PEOPLE. He stated that his client has full awareness regarding the latest allegations against him.

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He continued that others have started debunking the alleged claim against Jake Paul. Meanwhile, his client specifically denies the claim and intends to disprove it aggressively. Furthermore, he may also seek legal action on grounds of character defamation against the party responsible for the claim. He says that Jake believes such false allegations decrease the credibility of true accounts of misconduct.

The statement follows Paradise’s allegations that Jake Paul had forced her to engage in oral sex in July of 2019. Paradise currently has more than 524000 followers on TikTok. Paradise made her claims in a video on Youtube that was posted on Friday. The video runs for 20 minutes and details how the incident occurred in the California home of Jake Paul. The house was the workspace and living space for several of his friends as well.

In her account, she said that considers sex as something very special. Usually, her consent and so she thought she would be respected by Paul in his bedroom. She admits to kissing him but telling him to stop when she felt uncomfortable. But Paul had forced himself on her when she resisted. Jake Paul allegedly pinned her down then and made her engage in oral sex.

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Paradise recounts that afterward, Paul had ghosted him. She says that she had attempted to speak to him on the matter and how wrong it was. However, Paul allegedly never responded. Paradise hopes that the public reveal would make Paul learn the mistake of his ways.

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