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Jet Suits To Help Paramedics Fly Up A Mountain Introduced In UK

For the first time ever across the globe, the UK paramedics team is introducing a jet suit, which will allow them to access the hilly Lake District in just 90 seconds. As per statements released by the Great North Air Ambulance Services, the jet suit has a 1050 brake horsepower capacity. 

As per reports, the GNAAS collaborated with Gravity Industries, a jet suit manufacturer, to create the latest paramedic upgrade. It would totally change the medical care system in the hilly region of the UK’s Lake District. The area is quite popular amongst hikers. And when a hiker gets injured on the trek, without these jet suits, getting medical assistance to the injured people gets quite difficult. 

Jet Suits To Benefit Injured Hikers In Hilly Regions

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One of the operation directors from GNAAS, Andy Mawson, releases a statement saying that the jet suit technology will make it possible for paramedics to reach a place quicker than has ever been possible before. He further added that in the majority of the cases, this technology will ease an injured person’s sufferings, and in select cases, it will potentially help save a life. 

The exercise finally happened on 15th September after a year-long planning period between Gravity Industries and the Great North Air Ambulance Services. 

The exercise took place at Langdale Pikes. Richard Browning, the founder of Gravity Industries, flew from a plain region to an assumed high elevation casualty site. Lake District contains some of the highest peaks in England. It is also a protected heritage site by UNESCO. 

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The location was chosen after officials from GNAAS brushed through all the medical emergency call data. Mawson said that the region sees dozens of injured hikers every month. 

Jet Suit Manufacturer Indicates Bigger Plans For The Technology

After the exercise, Mawson exclaimed that the technology worked just as well in practice as it did in theory. He further added that the jet suit technology will have much more uses in the future. 

Browning, from Gravity Industries, grained GNAAS and said that the partnership was an unforgettable experience. Indicating bigger plans for the technology, Browning said that they have just scratched the technology’s potential. He further said that he believes much more is to come. 

Back in 2018, Browning spoke with CNN and told them that working with the paramedics is just one of the many areas that the company is working on. 

The jet suits have been built by using special electronics, 5 jet engines, and several 3D printed body parts. As per reports, the suit is quite easy to use once it is strapped on and one master the basics. 

The jet suit can take you 32 miles in an hour and help you ascent about 12,000 ft altitude. 

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