Josh Flagg Shares Photo With New Boyfriend

Josh Flagg

After his recent divorce from Bobby Boyd, Bravo star Josh Flagg took to Instagram to announce his new relationship with fellow Andrew Beyer.

After confirming his breakup from spouse Bobby Boyd over three months ago, Million Dollar Listing LA star Josh Flagg has finally posted an original picture of himself with his new beau Beyer. On May 29th, Josh uploaded a photo on his Insta grid in which he and another agent were holding hands while standing on a beach.

The adorable photo was accompanied by the statement “I adore,” which he wrote himself.

There is prior, more understated, evidence of the two on media together. Back in April, Josh re-posted a friend’s IG Story that displayed him and Andrew leaning in for some intimate moments, giving fans a brief look of the pair. At the Beverly Hills Hotel the next month, they participated in a group portrait with mutual acquaintances.

Josh Flagg Confirmed The News About Someone New

After just two weeks of being alone after the announcement of his separation from his marriage of five years, Josh Flagg, 36, revealed to E! News that he was seeing someone new. He told me that he and Andrew had met paths professionally five years earlier, but that nothing amorous had happened between them until his marriage had collapsed.

A couple of weeks had passed since Bobby and I had broken up, he told E! News in March. “It all started with a date, and things progressed from there. We discovered that we loved one other very well and got along really well.”

Andrew, 23, is the first person the real estate tycoon has dated since his last split, he said.

Josh announced on Instagram on March 4 that he was available again after marrying Bobby, a fellow real estate salesperson, in 2017.

This was not an impetuous or hasty choice,” Josh wrote. We gave this a lot of thinking before deciding.

And he went on to say “It wasn’t that we didn’t love one other; it was just that our individual paths in life diverged and we couldn’t support each other’s pursuits. I have nothing but the highest regard and affection for Bobby. That’s why I want our parting ways to be symbolic of that.”

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