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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Kanye West Has Always Hero Worshipped Hitler

It has recently come to light that Kanye West had always gushed over Hitler and his policies. His Anti- Semitic attitude was always there from the very outset.

Kanye West Paid Off A Worker To Keep His Racist Comments Under Wraps

Kanye West, the CEO of Yeezy went to the length of paying off a worker to keep his mouth shut regarding his racist comments. He used to constantly on the slightest pretext praise Hitler and his policies during their meetings though Kanye West has denied these allegations.

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When a popular media house interviewed some more of his company people, they too said for the past number of years, he has always been hyping the Nazis. He is full of praise for whatever Hitler did for Germany and his people. 

Another one of Kanye’s artists in the company, Rippo, who is a Jew, said he had heard him pass anti-Semitic remarks but he had not taken it seriously. In 2008, Kanye had told him once that he hoped that he was not upset because he liked Hitler and the Nazis. Rippo now understands how lethal his comments were. Kanye’s anti-Semitic remarks have literally taken the world by storm. People from all walks of life have criticized him and a number of major companies of the world have snapped ties with him, like GAP, Baciengo, Adidas, etc. 

Kanye West’s obsession with Hitler is having a dire effect on society. West claims that he had been toyed with by the Jewish people. Jews all over have started living in fear once again because processions and mob fury have started targeting them. Kanye has read Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ which was written in 1925 many times. He looks up to him as if he is God and his thoughts and beliefs are his. 

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A tabloid has said that many a time when they used to interview Kanye he used to pass derogatory and biased remarks about the Jews which they used to edit before airing on television. Kanye was to name his latest album ‘Hitler’ which he changed at the last moment. Kanye has incurred huge financial losses and has lost his billionaire status. His fans are now going around raising funds for him to restore him to his previous glory.

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