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Kanye West’s 2018 Music Disc Was To Be Named ‘Hitler’

It has always done the rounds that Hitler is someone to who Kanye West looks up. He is so Besotted with Hitler that Kanye West wanted to name his music disc after him. Eventually, he called it ‘Ye.’.

Kanye West is Adamant As Ever

Kanye West’s dogmatic approach toward the Jews has landed him in great problems but irrespective of that he is unyielding and steadfast in his word and action.

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When his music agencies were contacted to know the truth behind the naming of his eighth album Hitler they did not respond.

It is believed that Kanye West, 45, has read Mein Kampf many a time. Hitler’s autobiography has moved him and he is in awe of Hitler. Hitler’s power and his contribution to the people of Germany are praiseworthy for him. 

Kanye has received a lot of backlash from people from all walks of life, because of his antisemitic remarks. Many top brands have severed ties with him. Though he is facing a lot of financial crises, he is unapologetic and continues to defend what he said.

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Kanye West’s death threat against the Jews cannot be ignored. The Donda rapper has been suspended from Insta and other social media handles. But nothing is making much of a difference to him. He feels the Jews have meted out an unfair deal to the blacks in business trade and they deserved what they got. He said he was ready to say sorry to those families who had nothing to do with it. 

Kanye’s words are not only dangerous but very harmful to our collective society at large. His mental illness is no excuse for him to say and do as he feels. In a recent interview, Kanye said that he is not going anywhere and is here to stay.

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