Kaspersky Predicts That Cybercrooks Will Ditch BTC In 2023

Bitcoin Mining Revenue Payments Kaspersky

According to a survey published by the cybersecurity company Kaspersky, important patterns will be followed by attackers in the upcoming year. The report is created using the company’s substantial experience to guard against the broad spectrum of potential threats.

First, Kaspersky mentioned its research on the 2022 projections. Information thieves are expected to increase exponentially in 2021, according to Kaspersky’s telemetry. However, the usage of stealers has not increased exponentially in the eyes of cybersecurity companies; on the contrary, their development and evolution have been extremely apparent.

Cybercrooks Won’t Use BTC Says Kaspersky

In the meantime, in 2022, Kaspersky discovered some recent harmful families, notably Rhadamanthys, BlueFox, and Parrot, that were actively marketed on underground markets and stole private data from the victims’ devices. And one of the most notable newsmakers was onion poison.

Attackers appeared to still prefer exploiting dubious bitcoin trading sites, phishing to look for cryptocurrency, and crypto-jacking to secretly make money.

Additionally, ransomware and cryptocurrency fraud totaled $600 million in 2021, and some of the greatest robberies, like the attack on the Colonial Pipeline, wanted bitcoin as a ransom.

According to a Kaspersky analysis, the adoption of digital assets has led to an upsurge in cryptocurrency scams. At the same time, consumers are less likely to fall for crude scams like the Elon Musk-deepfake films promising large cryptocurrency returns as a result of increased awareness of cryptocurrencies. Because there were 125 cryptocurrency hacks in 2022, many more dangers relating to cryptocurrencies could end up costing customers millions of dollars. At that time, hackers had stolen $3 billion from DeFi protocols. According to data obtained from freshest on DeFi, 15 freshly implemented schemes against smart contracts are discovered every hour. Thus, if things continue as they are, 2022 will likely overtake 2021 as the year with the most hacking incidents.