Kevin Costner Isn’t Kicking Out His Wife, He Is Demonstrating The Legal Notice

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Kevin Costner filed further notice following his divorce from his wife, Christine. Her lawyer has previously stated the actor is trying to kick them out of the house. She won’t leave with three children who have been growing up inside their California home all their life.

She would leave once she received child support.

Her husband is making false accusations against her. Their child support agreement is yet to be made. Thus she will vacate the home when then.

According to their prenuptial agreement, she was supposed to vacate them when she filed for divorce.

Kevin Costner Is Perhaps Trying To Uproot His Children From Their HomeTown

As a mother, Christine is trying to stay in the same area her kids were born and growing up.

Kevin Costner ignored the fact regarding his children. He kept showing the prenuptial agreement between Kevin Costner and his wife, Christine. Which States she would vacate the home within 30 days after separation.

However, according to Kevin Costner, she needs to pay attention to the papers. However, Christine has no source of income thus, she has asked for $248,000 per month for child support.

Previously Kevin Costner has also stated that he has given her child support and further money for searching home. Even offered her $10,000 separately for monthly rent. Christine is trying to find a home for them. It takes nearly 50 days to buy a new home, given the area they live. She doesn’t want to take away her children from their school and the friends they have made all their life. They are in their teenage years, and change can be difficult after all their father has put them through.

She will vacate the home by 31st August.

Kevin Costner has many lavish properties, yet he is refused to give one to his wife for their children.