Los Angeles County Offers Stimulus Check For The Next Two Years

stimulus check

All the guaranteed programs are based in California. Los Angeles County and other counties also offer their residents financial assistance. Los Angeles County brought a $1000 stimulus check for the residents. The monthly check will be distributed to residents for the next two years.

If you have been financially affected by the covid 19 pandemic, you are eligible for these checks. However, there are certain criteria that one needs to meet to receive those checks.

This guaranteed income program is specifically made for lower-income class families. A little push to their finances could save them from poverty.

Democrats Using The Power Wisely Via Stimulus Check, Unlike Other Political Parties

From the very beginning, the Republicans were against further stimulus check. They did vote for a child tax credit to help those families with kids under 18. However, only some people who applied were qualified for the checks.

Therefore, all the countries have closely witnessed how their residents have suffered in particular areas.

Majorly disrupted by the covid 19 pandemic. Some of them lost their homes and jobs. They had no money whatsoever to bring food. Many took up two jobs to support themselves and their families. Many single mothers have been finding it hard to keep it together. They are the single breadwinner of the family. Thus, a stimulus check would be immensely helpful.

This two-year guaranteed income program is named the Breathe income program.

They have listed out all the criteria for eligibility.

People who have lived in Los Angeles County. At least 21 or under 24 by September 2023. They are eligible for the stimulus check.

They have to meet the federal poverty income that has been locally approved, which is under 100% or equal to that. This check is specifically made for 200 selected candidates. They have been chosen from the pool of applications.