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Kid Cudi Has Gone Off Social Media

The famous rapper Kid Cudi has officially bid adieu to social media, which was announced by the Grammy-winning rapper via Twitter on Saturday. The news came after he started expressing concerns about online toxicity and the effect it had on one’s mental health. He wrote that he was turning off all comments on his IG post, and he was also thinking about leaving Instagram too. He was planning to just be logged in on his Twitter account- and Cudi was sure that he would be following through on what he uploaded. 

Kid Cudi Has Decided To Leave Instagram

Kid Cudi had previously moved away from Social Media a few years ago after he checked himself into rehab in order to take care of his depression, anxiety, and suicidal urges. He also informed his fans on Saturday that they were definitely a big reason for him coming back on social media, but the constant negativity that he faced from the trolls definitely ruined the entire experience for him. He further stated that there was a lot of love for him on social media, and he could see that. But there were also several trolls, which he didn’t need to see for his mental health. 

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On Saturday afternoon, Kid Cudi uploaded his selfie on Instagram, which he considered to be the last one that he would be uploading personally. He mentioned that this picture would be the last one for him, and from here on, he would have his team make the posts. 

Kid Cudi finally assured his fans that he was not in a negative frame of mind, and was actually pretty happy with where he was. But in order to stay that way, he wanted to step away. He did like being a mystery anyway. While no public reasons were provided for his exodus from social media, fans claimed that this was the result of his squabble with Kanye West on Instagram.

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