Kodak Stock Still Remains a Cautionary Tale

Kodak Stock
Kodak Stock

While most of us love underdogs and would be rooting for them to succeed, the Kodak stocks don’t fall under that category. There is evidence that proves that the Kodak stock price chart has been continuously fluctuating- enough to warn investors that there is no point waiting for a fairy tale outcome from this. As we know, Wall Street has seen its fair share of companies trying to emerge out of a self-destructive path. NASDAQ:AMD is one of the biggest examples in the last few years. Under Lisa Su, the CEO of this semiconductor outfit, the company had gone mainstream amidst other competitive companies like Intel, and Nvidia. 

Does the Market Favor the Kodak Stock?

The improvements that NASDAQ:AMD has incurred haven’t exactly stayed under wraps. Last year, the AMD stock turned in the best return on S&P 500- with a gain of around 150%. If the last 4 years be taken under consideration, AMD has climbed around 4000%, when its shares were around $2. This brings us to late July when Kodak shares rose around 1480% with a high of $60 after just three trading sessions. This was at a time when the stocks were languishing at around $2 and had completely removed the all-time-low that hit at $1.50. It wouldn’t go amiss to say that there is no correct terminology to explain the trajectory that the Kodak stock underwent- as its market cap went all the way from $150 million to $3 billion.

There was an easy come, easy go reaction in shares, as we understand from the over-the-top reaction coupled with the fast cratering. There was also a loan of around $756 million that was provided to Kodal in order to focus on the chemical manufacturing unit- which also gave way to monies exchanged through questionable lobbying, and insider trading. Most of the investors are still on the trail for a successful pivot in the business- even if a stalled deal from the government didn’t hold much. Currently, all that can be said about the Kodak stocks is that they are certain in their uncertainty. 

Kodak Stock Daily Price Chart

The Kodak stock price chart is the best place to find out exactly where the fear, greed, and hope of the last three months were illuminated, monetized, and captured in the last couple of months. In today’s date, the shares have entered into a large gap which followed the last celebration in September. It is predicted that the shares of Kodak stock might revisit the $6.53 in order to shift into the void that has been left empty by few traders. And that might just be the tip of the iceberg. 

The best thing in the scenario is to simply go away and never look back at the Kodak stocks.