Trump’s Campaign Website Hacked By Cryptocurrency Scammers

Trump’s campaign website
Trump’s campaign website

It has been reported that on Tuesday, cryptocurrency scammers hacked into President Donald Trump’s campaign website.  

An FBI notice which has been branded as fake claimed that it was able to seize the current US President’s private communications which contains proof of illegal activities. However, there is no evidence to support any such claims.    

Trump’s campaign website was then seen listing two addresses belonging to cryptocurrency wallets. Visitors on the website were being requested for funds as votes of approval on whether the private documents on the website should be brought out in public.     

Tim Murtaugh, communications director of President Trump’s campaign, after confirming a hack through a Twitter post also claimed that there could not have been any access to sensitive information as President Trump’s campaign website contains no such data.  Murtaugh also confirmed that at present investigations are on to find the main source which caused the hack. TechCrunch then reported that the content of the website was restored at some time.    

Gabriel L. Greschler posted the screenshots of the hack on Twitter and he was reportedly the first person who was able to discover it.

Fake Notice On Trump’s Campaign Website Asking For Funds

The indecipherable notice on President Trump’s campaign website made a claim that it has evidence that shows the government’s involvement behind the creation of coronavirus. It further went on to emphasize Trump’s participation in the manipulation caused by foreign actors in the results of the US elections.     

The Campaign website provided links to two addresses leading to the wallet of Monero cryptocurrency. The site asked for funds as a form of the vote to be deposited in these two wallets which reportedly stood for an agreement to release the sensitive information and the other refraining from doing so. After a point of time, the funds in each of the wallets would be calculated and a decision regarding the revelation of data would be made accordingly. TechCrunch was able to trace a PGP encryption key corresponding to an address “”. It has been confirmed that such a site does not exist.

Trump’s Campaign Website Not the Only One Affected

It was reported that Joe Biden’s account on Twitter also fell victim to a scam related to bitcoins. Amidst the reports of President Trump’s campaign website being hacked, it has to be said that he is not the only one in it, as many other accounts of important personalities related to the US elections were also hacked.The identity of the person behind the hack is still uncertain and there is no conclusive proof to show that the hack affected anything other than Trump’s campaign website. The hack is certainly an important issue when only a week is left before the US elections and any form of foreign interference is a matter of huge concern.