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Kosovo Has Seized Close To 300 Machines For Crypto Mining

The law enforcement in the nation of Kosovo has increased their efforts to crack down on crypto miners in the country- as they confiscated close to 300 mining machines on Saturday. This was then followed by an announcement from the police on Saturday as it revealed that it had seized 272 Antminer Bitcoin mining machines which were based in the municipality of Leposavic, and around 39 other mining machines that were situated around Prishtina. 

Kosovo Cracks Down On Crypto Mining

In the meantime, the Kosovo police also held up a driver that was carrying six crypto mining machines with around 42 graphic cards near Druar, which was in the province of Vushtrri. The driver was then interviewed and subsequently released.

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Artane Rizvanolli, the Minister for Economy, went on to tweet her support towards the police as she wrote that tens of thousands of Euros per month of the money of the taxpayers were being saved- which would serve as energy for hundreds of families in the country during the crisis that was currently in place.

Last month, the nation of Kosovo had gone ahead and put up a state of emergency for 60 days which was in the middle of an energy crisis and electricity shortages. Since then, the Minister of Economy put up a blanket ban on any form of mining of crypto on Wednesday- which one could see as being necessary- as the nation was currently importing over 40% of its energy. 

As reported by Cointelegraph previously, the mining of Bitcoin usually used around 101 TWh per year or more energy than was produced and utilized by the entire country of the Philippines. Now, in the middle of an energy crisis, Kosovo definitely couldn’t afford such a luxury, even though most miners were looking towards alternate modes of sustainable energy resources. 

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