Disney Has Patented Its Technology For A Metaverse For A Theme Park


Disney has recently been approved for a patent that would see it create a personalized interactive attraction for most theme park visitors.

The technology would generally utilize headset-free augmented reality attractions at most theme parks of this entertainment conglomerate. This tech would function by tracking the visitors through their mobile phones and further generating and projecting personalized 3D effects on physical spaces like walls and objects in the park nearby. 

Disney Has Ideas For A Theme Park

Disney was approved for this virtual-world simulator in a real-world venue patent on the 28th of December, 2021. It was originally filed under the United States Patent and Trademark Office in July 2020.

The metaverse has usually been imagined as a place that exists on the internet, which can be accessed through AR headsets or virtual reality. However, the technology that this entertainment giant proposes would bring this metaverse to the physical world. 

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Disney has been attracted to the metaverse. During the fourth-quarter earnings call of the company in the November of 2021, the CEO Bob Chapek stated that the firm was moving towards preparing to blend most of the physical and digital assets in the metaverse.

He went on to state that the company would be able to connect the digital and the physical worlds even more closely- allowing for more interactive storytelling, which would be without boundaries in the metaverse. 

Although Disney has already told the Los Angeles Times that it didn’t have any current plans of using the simulator in the near future, with the recently approved patent that echoes with the vision of the entertainment giant for a Theme Park Metaverse.