Kris Jenner Has A Luxury Item For North West In Her Will

Kris Jenner

Kim has disclosed the one thing that her 9-year-old daughter North will receive from her grandmother Kris Jenner, 66 before she passes away.

Kim recounted a day when she was extremely pregnant with her oldest kid when speaking with James Corden on The Late Late Show, according to Given the enormous riches the Kardashian-Jenner empire has accumulated over the past decade or more, it should be no surprise that there are plans in place for their assets if something were to happen.

While wills and the distribution of property can be contentious issues, particularly between parents and their kids, Kim Kardashian has firsthand knowledge of at least one particular clause that her mother Kris Jenner included in her will as a result of a hilarious incident that occurred when Kim was 8 months pregnant with her daughter North West.

Kris Jenner Will Leave A Beautiful Bag For North West

The founder of SKIMS remembered a large photo session she took part in late in her first pregnancy when she traveled to Paris and met Karl Lagerfeld, on The Late Late Show with James Corden. She remarked that the rumor that the designer would give you a bag as a parting gift the first time you worked with him was very intriguing. But because of her mother, things did not exactly proceed as she had hoped.

‘The well-known manager chose to dress flatteringly for the brand for which Karl Lagerfeld served as creative director until his passing in 2019. It is kind of obvious where this tale is headed, but it is still funny to hear the mom of four describe what happened after they were done for the day. The reality star continued by saying that her mom and the fashion legend hit it off, conversing for the entire rest of the shoot. And he goes over to her and hands it to Kris Jenner.