Kyle Richards Has Been Rendered Unable To Move Post Injury

Kyle Richards

It has been reported that Kyle Richards cannot move anymore after she recently went through a back injury. The information was revealed by the star on social media on Thursday which also had quite a few snaps of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star in bed.

The picture of her lunch tray was captioned by her where she stated that she had hurt her back and couldn’t move anymore. Interestingly, her lunch consisted of broccolini and tomato soup- and Richards thinks she would be in this situation for quite some time. Her feet were also covered with a blanket and there was a television that was switched on in the background.

Kyle Richards Can’t Seem To Move Post Back Injury

Although Kyle Richards hasn’t mentioned what it was that led to such an injury, she did mention that her two dogs, River and Luna, had not left her side for even a short while as she was recovering. She went on to explain that her dogs wouldn’t leave her even to eat. Finally, she went on to acknowledge that watching a comedy in such a position was quite painful. In a series of stories, she mentioned that she had been watching the movie Bridesmaids, and constantly giggled through it- something that undoubtedly caused her pain. 

Previously Kyle Richards had mentioned her doubts over returning for another season of the show. But then, she claimed that this was something she felt before every season of the show- and she did go out and do just one more season of it. So, one can hazard a guess that she would probably go through another season.