LeBron James Vows To Never Miss Playoffs

LeBron James

For the fourth time in his 19-year career, LeBron James will miss the playoffs, forcing him to watch the games from the luxury of his own home, just like any other sports fan.

LeBron James of the LA Lakers would rather be playing basketball right now. Instead, James is at home, watching other teams compete for the championship.

On Friday, he made it obvious that he is not in favor of the agreement. James, 37, pledged to never miss another playoff game in his career, writing on Twitter that he “can/will never miss another postseason game in my career.” For him, missing the game was excruciating.

LeBron James Has Only Missed 4 Playoff Games

In his career, James has featured in a total of 266 postseason games. In his 19-year career, he has not attended the playoff games four times. Since joining the Lakers, James has had two of those seasons.

For another season, James is under contract with the Lakers. James has stated that he would like to conclude his career with the Lakers. If the club fails to make the playoffs next season, that might change. Though James is now unable to play games, he appears to love watching them. Throughout the first half of the NBA playoffs, James had been commenting and tweeting about the good performances. As most of the individuals or teams James mentioned have lost, he’s shown to be the kiss of doom. Given James’ competitive temperament, it’s safe to presume he’s sitting at home thinking about how to avoid a repeat of this circumstance. During the 2021-22 NBA season, James battled injuries, but when he was fit, he showed he’s still one of the finest players in the league.