Leila George Speaks About Her On-Screen Character

Leila George

Leila George is one of the most prominent faces of the television industry. George has established herself as one of the greatest female actors of recent times. Leila was involved in a romantic relationship with Sean Penn previously. The duo was madly in love with each other and soon they decided to tie the knots. However, things soon started to get bitter between the two which eventually resulted in their divorce. George has recently opened up about being a mom and how she wanted more children.

The actress stated that she was jealous of her onscreen character’s ability to tackle children. Leila George is currently portraying the role of Janine Cody in the popular series, “Animal Kingdom”. The character shows Janine as a complicated mother trying to maintain a balance between work and personal life. Leila has been a part of the series for the last three years. She plays a younger version of the character Janine. The elder version of Janine was portrayed by Ellen Barkin till the fourth season of the series. Leila opened up about how she has managed to bring the character of Janine to life in the series. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Leila George’s Character Drew Inspiration From Her Mother 

Leila George has gained a lot of fame for her character in Animal Kingdom. George stated that the secret to her success was her mother. The actor said that she believed every relationship has a darker side. Leila recalled that she had some of the ugliest fights with her mother.

However, she also said that the bonding with her mother was one of the strongest. They both loved each other dearly. Leila George said her mother was the inspiration behind the character of Janine. George also said that she was very much jealous of the way her mother as well as the character of Janine managed their kids.