Len Goodman Retired From DWTS After Seventeen Years As A Judge

Len Goodman

After 31 years judging the reality show “Dancing With the Stars,” Len Goodman is retiring. On Monday’s edition of the dancing talent competition, the seasoned participant made it known that he is not going to return for Season 32.

The star said that everyone at the show are all excited and they are looking forward to the finale in the next week, this will be his final season sitting on the judge’s table of the reality show.

He said that he has been with them since the show started its journey back in 2005. He says that it has been an amazing pleasure for him to be sharing seats with such capable judges and to be part of this amazing show for almost three decades, but now he thinks that it is for the best to retire and spend time with his children and their family.

Len Goodman Retiring From Judging The Dancing With The Stars Show:

He continued saying that it has been an amazing memorable journey for him and looking ahead in his life he has so much to enjoy in his last ride with the show in the finale next week, he thinks it is going to be brilliant.

The dance guru, who is renowned for his harsh criticism, was greeted with a rapturous applause and accolades online after the poignant statement.

A fan wrote on the Twitter that they may not agree with what the judge had to say, but he is a legend in dancing. The amazing judge has helped the show by bringing it in its standards today. He thanked Len Goodman for his legacy on this show and hoped well for him.