Leveraging Cooperation Between Brands to Enhance Visibility


No matter how great your product or service is, beginning completely separate from an existing market is a non-starter. The world of advertising in the digital space has come so far that to effectively market yourself, it’s necessary to expand your advertising scope beyond your business alone. Fortunately, taking advantage of others that understand the need for cooperation can find savvy modern businesses immense success, if you know where to look.

Finding Relationship Paths

For a strong illustration of a modern industry that relies on maximizing visibility to stay ahead, consider what’s on offer from modern online casinos. These casinos manage the websites, alongside special features, but significant proportions of their appeal come from working with other brands, businesses, and systems. The inclusion of Jackpot King prizes on slots like Gold Strike Bonanza and Wish Upon a Paddy Power are strong illustrations of this concept. The games are often built by outside developers, adopted by the casino website, and then blended with additional bonus jackpot systems, creating three levels of cooperation.

In this way, these online casinos can leverage the success and quality of three highly regarded brands into each available game. Fans of the online casino know its quality, so they trust the game. Fans of Jackpot King bonuses understand and love the feature, so they’re interested in the titles which offer it. Finally, the developers of the games, like Blueprint Gaming, are also highly regarded in the industry, so their cooperation is also featured as a positive.

A Million Roads

The complications of this approach come from the need to understand the core components of each business and industry that customers value. A business that offers pre-built PCs, for example, is going to need to understand the expertise of its player-base, while also keeping in mind the opinions of less-informed outsiders who buy the PCs as gifts. Sure, the right power supply is necessary, but it’s not something customers are going to find exciting, unlike the inclusion of popular graphics cards like the Nvidia RTX 4090. A middle ground needs to be found here, in not just what is included, but in how it’s included.

On a broader scale, this concept could be pushed further with how businesses interact with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Every digital business needs to market with social media, but each also needs to understand the demographics and opinions of how customer bases and social media user bases overlap. Facebook is a must for everyone, but the same can’t be said for other systems. If a business works in cybersecurity, for example, then ongoing concerns with platforms like TikTok can reflect an image of ignorance, in which embracing the wrong brand might hurt rather than help.

As for where each business should start, a strong starting position can be found by looking at what others in the industry already do well, and where they fall short. Look through public reviews and posts on their social media accounts on how customers respond. While you don’t want to copy wholesale, this approach can at least lead to a solid foundation from which to start. Most of all, remember that marketing is a marathon rather than a sprint and that reputations can take a long time to build, but can be torn down with just a few clumsy moves.