Lisa Rinna Ready To Reveal The Truth At Real Housewives… Reunion: Reveals She Had Been Threatened

Lisa Rinna

It has not been easy for Lisa Rinna this season. Within weeks after hitting out against the racist online attacks on Jax, the teenage son of Garcelle Beauvais, her co-actor on Real Housewives…, the star spoke of being the target of threat by haters.

The Days of Our Lives actor spoke of being at the receiving end of constant threats for 4 months as people tried to scare her, ruin her credibility, called her a liar, and give shape to things that never existed in the first place.

Lisa Rinna said that she would speak about it now and said that she would reveal the whole truth. She stressed that she would speak about it.

Lisa Rinna did not reveal what exactly had spurred her to take this decision to speak out or for her vivid post. She shared her story hours before catching up with fellow housewives for the filming of the Real Housewives… reunion this Friday.

Lisa Rinna Revealed Text Messages From Kathy Hilton

Even before her story on Instagram, Lisa Rinna shared a screenshot containing text messages she received from Kathy Hilton, her co-star. Enlarging the screenshots revealed that the screenshots were from January, at the time the reality series cast on Bravo went to Aspen on a trip.

There was the usual drama associated with a trip of this nature, most of it staged. It was revealed on the Wednesday episode of Real Housewives… the initial text message from Kathy Hilton spoke about not revealing the things discussed. She said that it would cause a scene and drag everyone into it.

Kathy Hilton’s second message to Lisa Rinna revealed that it went further than she realized. She said that it was prudent to remain silent.

This August Lisa Rinna was among the stars from Real Housewiveswho stood up for Beauvais and Jox. She was reportedly spammed with racist comments regarding her son.