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Looking To Invest? Know Which Stocks To Buy In October 2020

If you’re an investor, don’t get spooked out by the market condition you witnessed in late September. While stock investors have gone into hiding after the huge bullish market, you can actually get value for money if you look for stock investment in the correct places.

The stock market went through a hard fall this September, lowest since the beginning of the global pandemic and critically low in the history of stock market lows. But there are some undervalued stocks that you might want to take a look at before you totally decide against investing this October.

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According to the Motley Fool contributors, the stocks to buy in October are BPA, Emerson Electric, and Royal Gold. These are the top picks for the months and here’s why.


The first thing to keep in mind while you’re dealing with stock investment in the oil industry. With Big Oil companies selling off huge assets and the market shifting radically towards renewable energy sources, investing in the oil market can prove to be tricky. However, according to stock market experts, the market went overboard in selling off this company’s assets. So, if you’re a careful buyer, you can dip your feet into the stock market to stock up on essential stocks at a cheaper price.

This company’s highest stock value was in2006. Since then, the prices of this company have been affected for a range of factors. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the stock value of this company to its lowest at $17 per share. This is the cheapest value of oil shares in the oil industry. There can be considerable improvements in the prices in the upcoming years. So, this is the time for stock investment in this company for better use in the future.

Emerson Electric

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This company is currently undervalued owing to fears of oil exposure. Investors tend to avoid investing this company because of its high-profile nature. Emerson Electric has a lot of exposure in the oil industry. However, the company has other tie-ups in the energy sector like refining, power, factory, chemicals and so on. So, if you’re looking for free cash flow in your dividends, you can try out these stocks to buy in October.

Royal Gold

If you’ve always wanted to get into the gold stock market, now is your time because the price has just dipped in September by about 2.4% from what was the value in August. Stock investment in this sector is always an advantageous decision but to find this market undervalued is the best time to dig into it to explore the best results later. Currently, Royal Gold shares have a 23.2 times cash flow. This is the bargain if you’re looking for stock investment.

Know more about these underappreciated stocks and learn which stocks to buy in October.

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