LootMogul Confirms $200m Deal


Lootmogul is a sports metaverse company that has secured $200 million in funding led by SoftBank Vision Fund. With this investment, the company will use its new valuation of $1.5 billion to expand its product line and introduce new features to the existing platform.

“We are at an inflection point where we are disrupting traditional sports entertainment by creating a virtual reality environment that engages fans like never before,” said The Sandbox CEO Chase Dugan. “There’s never been anything like this before, so we’re incredibly excited about what’s ahead.” Sports metaverse companies are the next big thing in the world of online sports. And one company, in particular, has just secured a whopping $200 million in funding.

The company in question is a startup that’s only been around for a few years, but it’s quickly making a name for itself as one of the leaders in the space. And with this new round of funding, it’s poised to take over the industry.

LootMogul Makes Merry

Imagine a virtual world where you could experience sporting events as if you were right there in the stadium, watching the game live. That’s the idea behind the sports metaverse, a 3D virtual world where you can participate in sports games and events.

The sports metaverse is the creation of a company called Virtually Live, and they’ve just secured $200 million in funding to help them bring their vision to life. The money will be used to create a platform that will allow users to experience sporting events from all over the world, in real time.

So far, Virtually Live has partnered with some of the biggest names in sports, including Manchester City Football Club, AS Roma, and the Australian Football League. They’re also working with Sony Pictures to create a virtual reality movie theater where users can watch new releases and classic movies.

You might be wondering how Lootmogul is different from other sports metaverse companies.

For starters, Lootmogul is the only company that offers a fantasy sports experience combined with social media and e-commerce. This means that you can not only chat with your friends about the games you’re watching, but you can also buy and sell products related to your favorite teams.

Lootmogul is also the only company that allows you to make money from your fantasy sports knowledge. So not only can you win prizes from your friends, but you can also win real money by playing on Lootmogul.