Machine Gun Kelly Posts A Selfie With A Bloody Face

Machine Gun Kelly

On Tuesday, June 28, in the middle of his sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden, legendary performer Machine Gun Kelly lost his composure.

He was observed screaming at a fan in the audience before smashing his guitar. At the conclusion of his New York City performance, the American rapper likewise rushed off the stage. The 32-year-old pink-haired artist was then grabbed by another crew member as he shouted from a close distance. Machine Gun Kelly soon returned to the stage as the band proceeded to perform. However unsettlingly, Machine Gun Kelly is demonstrating his punk-rock credibility. 

Machine Gun Kelly Smashed A Champagne Bottle On His Head

MGK attended an afterparty at Catch restaurant on Tuesday after his headline Mainstream Sellout Tour performance there in New York City. While there, he cracked a champagne glass on his forehead and spontaneously sang “My Ex’s Best Friend” while blood flowed down his face.

The 32-year-old rapper-turned-rocker can be seen giving a statement in a video shared on his Instagram Story before declaring, “I do not give an s—-,” and then smashing the glass on his face to the audience’s screams. According to the New York Post, the rock star uploaded a video of the frightening encounter on Instagram, and TikTok users later uncovered Megan Fox, his fiancée, reacting horrifiedly to the crazy prank.

On Wednesday, the musician wished his followers “good morning” while offering a closer view of the deep, unclean cut through his Instagram Story. He was still wearing the same clothing from the previous night. The singer shared many pictures on Instagram from the Mainstream Sellout Tour performance at Madison Square Garden and the ensuing afterparty at Catch Steakhouse, where the incident occurred, later that morning.