Madonna Has Been Subjected To Trolls Over Instagram Post


Madonna, one of the greatest singers alive, has never been one to shy away from public scrutiny- or someone who would retire from her career. However, the latest photoshoots from the living legend have put forth some very mixed opinions from her target audience as the 63-year-old has shared her feelings for her 27-year-old beau in quite an interesting way.

Ever the consummate entertainer, the singer simply had to put up a few shots from her photoshoot on Instagram to treat her millions of followers- after which, she simply waited for the other shoe to drop.

Madonna Sparks Controversy On Instagram

One of the pictures that Madonna posted- that had her literally sitting on top of a toilet along with the caption- ‘I’m getting my sh** together- finally!’- has had her fans up in arms. Some of them have also threatened to unfollow her. On the other hand, there have also been some who have admired her youthful beauty- while others lamented her ‘real’ face. 

Most of the fans couldn’t believe their eyes that this was the 63-year-old Grammy-winning singer. Some of them thought that this was some 17-year-old girl, and not Madonna herself. Nevertheless, she did have major backing from her fans that asked the trolls to simply unfollow her if they didn’t like the photos that she posted. One fan commented that the fact that people were taking time out of their daily lives to comment nasty things does tend to paint them in a light far more negatively than a celebrity using Photoshop.

In another series of photos, Madonna was seen posing in a black parka, pink Croc-style shoes, and fingerless gloves- all the while holding on to a glass of champagne. She also posted a picture of a camcorder that was rolling- which she captioned as shooting a movie- which seemed to be really hard!