Nelly Accidentally Uploads Raunchy Video On Instagram


Nelly recently uploaded a video of a woman performing oral sex on him accidentally- but then had the good sense to delete it as fans went crazy. The video was shared on the Instagram Stories feature on the rapper’s handle before getting deleted. The clip showed a woman- whose identity is unknown- participating in oral sex with the famous songwriter/singer. However, the rapper’s face doesn’t appear once in the minute-long video. Although the video was deleted immediately, several fans screengrabbed it and then shared it on Twitter- which naturally garnered a lot of reactions. 

Nelly Uploads Video Of Woman Performing Oral Sex On Him

One fan stated that they were quite elated with Twitter considering it had everything one needed from a social media platform- including Nelly’s sex tape. Another user was more conservative in their approach- as they stated that this wasn’t what they were expecting, but as most people were clamoring about it- had to see what the craze was about. More and more reactions came through as the video soon went viral. A fan then added that they had seen the video and now wanted to bleach their eyes. 

Nelly didn’t stop himself from responding to this apparent leak. In his interview with TMZ, he sincerely apologized to the woman and her family for the unwanted publicity that was on them currently. He further stated that the video was private and there was absolutely no intention of it ever going viral. The shocking and head-turning video of this Texas native comes just a short time after he ripped Madonna for wearing a revealing outfit in several of her clothes.

While most of Madonna’s fans were quite elated about her racy posts, Nelly wasn’t having it. He commented that certain things should be covered up, especially at her age.