Maisie Williams: I Had Sad Childhood Experiences With My Father

Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams said the distressing events that she went through as a child were all because of her traumatizing father.

Maisie Williams Was Scarred For Life

Maisie Williams’ childhood was totally unlike other children of her age. Seeing them laughing and playing would unnerve her. She just could not relate to them. The exuberance that came to children of her age, baffled and terrified her. The Game Of Thrones actress also said that most often than not she could not fathom what was happening in her life. Sleep at night did not come easily as she used to be affected by the unsettling events around her. 

Maisie was only 4 months old when her mother, Hilary Pitt, managed to free herself from her father’s clutches. Maisie said that she was a very emotional person and would not like to divulge facts that would affect her siblings.

When she was eight, in school a teacher who was concerned about her welfare started inquiring about her personal life. When she came to know that she and her siblings would never have breakfast before coming to school she was aghast. 

After this revelation, her mother was called to the school and Maisie was handed over to her. Maisie was naive enough to think that whatever was happening to her was not wrong. People were just trying to separate her from her father. Such was the kind of brainwashing she had gone through.

A new and happy world opened up after this incident. It was too good to be true. Maisie said that she is more mature now and realizes it had nothing to do with her. Anybody in the same shoes would have gone through the same horror.