Stimulus Check: Making Arrangement For A Destroyed, Lost, Or Stolen Stimulus Check

stimulus check
stimulus check

Losing your stimulus check should not get you tensed up. You can make arrangements to receive your third stimulus check if it gets lost, stolen, or destroyed. Here is how the IRS can help you get what is rightfully yours. But there are steps to be followed before the $1,400 or more lands on your doorstep.

There are ways the check can be misplaced which are beyond your control. For instance, the check may get lost in transit.

The IRS is your go-to man, and you will start with a trace. This lets the IRS know if the check has been stolen by someone or the direct deposit into bank accounts misdirected to a different account.

Things will not be much difficult for the IRS once they know the exact fate of your original stimulus check. Things should go smoothly thereafter and they will issue a fresh check.

But there is more worrying news. The first is that there is a waiting period before you finally get your duplicate copy of the check. You would need to go through certain procedures, as is common with government rules. Ignoring any of the rules could further delay the process.

Being Eligible For A Trace For Your Stimulus Check Payment

The position of the 3rd check can be tracked using the Get My Payment app of the IRS. If you are due a stimulus check, this online app will enlighten you on the delivery mode, whether it will be a paper check or a direct deposit.

If you get to know that your check was supposed to be a direct credit to your account, you need to first cross-check with the bank before you go for a trace. Wait 5 days before you make your move.

Getting a paper stimulus check through the US Postal Service is also time-consuming and could delay your stimulus check by around 4 weeks.