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Princeton University To Use $20 Million From Alumni To Launch Research Initiative

A research initiative by Princeton University will conduct research into the ‘decentralization of societal power’ by using blockchain technology. This will help uncover the vastness of the social capability of blockchain technology.

Bloomberg has reported that the campaign set in motion by Princeton was supported by a generous donation of several prominent net alumni of the university, including Fortress Investment’s Peter Bridger, Joseph Lubin co-founder Ethereum, Daniel Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, and Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital.

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This initiative by Princeton will look into the way blockchain and other modern technologies have interfered with social norms and transformed them.

The change that they wrought is as significant as the internet and the printing press.

Princeton released a video to state that they were at an early stage in empathetic the challenges and opportunities associated with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and the power they possess to disrupt societal power centers.

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The Venture Forward campaign by Princeton will begin a fundraising and engagement campaign that will build alumni and community engagement. It will also seek charitable support and share the university’s guiding principles and their impact on our world.

The Official Post From Princeton

An official post from Princeton said that the University believes that a focus on decentralization will lead to growth in 3 study areas.

A post released said that the study will help fathom the fundamental engineering of blockchain, plus other technologies. There will also be an opportunity to discover multiple blockchain technologies uses in news, finance, voting, and other places and determine the extent of influence such technologies have has on our societies.

The initiative will be led by Prof. Jaswinder P. Singh. Prog. Singh has embraced an approach of highly collaborative research to determine the benefits of blockchain while at the same time causing the minimum harm.

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